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we want to get to nbc's kerry sanders. he's in the boston suburb of watertown where a lot of this has been taking place. good morning to you. please bring us up to date. >> good morning. we are in a neighborhood where we are about four to five blocks from where it is believed the suspect maybe holed up. there has been back and forth, ebb and flow of very high-energy activity and moments of complete lulls. i've seen, after the arrival of a tremendous number of members of the military, as well as those from the state police moving in, s.w.a.t. team, i have seen sort of a trickle out of some of those taking their place. i think what's going on is those that have the high energy of the actual tactical approach to ferret out one person who maybe holed up in there and everyone else is extract sod there is not cross friendly fire or anything like that.
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we saw the atf come in a few moments ago with yet another vehicle. that's because when i was in the neighborhood earlier. i was there overnight there were two devices found. they didn't call them bombs but treated them as if they could be bombs. the atf said get one more unit in there. you can hear some dogs barking. the sun is out. the birds have been chirping at times. it is sort of hard at this distance to know what's going on there. we know that the teams had been doing sweeps through the backyards of homes. these homes arabout 15 feet apart. there are driveways, there are sidewalks. the homes are two stories. to get up to that front door it is a half story step to walk up to a porch. there are basements. they are older neighborhoods. so there's hedges and foliage and rose bushes and a lot of places for somebody to hide. and so the authorities are
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looking for a suspect in that area believe that they know where somebody is. we have not heard any sort of gun fire. we've heard no sort of pops of explosions, anything like that. and just to take you back to the beginning of this, i started this portion of the coverage at around 10:30 last night over at m.i.t. at m.i.t., there was a disturbance that a m.i.t. police officer responded to. he showed up and he was shot multiple times and he died. about 50 police officers showed up in that area. as they were searching the area, then you can hear some of this right now, that was over in watertown. that's about four or five miles away. well, as the shooting happened, the officers were responding to that location over here in watertown. and more and more officers were coming because they were chasing two suspects.
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the suspects had multiple spots coming through town where they were throwing out explosive devices, shooting back. that sets the scene of where we are now. one suspect dead and one believed to be holed up here. the authorities believe they know where he is. >> all right, kerry sanders at the scene. thank you. we want to turn to justice correspondent pete williams who's got new information on the suspects and the search as we reset for our viewers on the west coast. pete, please bring us up to date. >> okay. the two people that set this off this morning were not being sought by the fbi. that's not what triggered these events. they were not about to be swooped down on by a s.w.a.t. team. five hours after the fbi showed the pictures of the men at the marathon on the monday is when the chain of events began. they robbed a 7-eleven, shot a campus police officer, took a man at gun point and took his debit card and tried to use it
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several times. they kept him in the car. when they realized they weren't getting money that way they let him go and that led police to watertown and the subsequent shootout in which the older of the two were killed. his name is tamerlan tsarnaev. he is 26 -- was 26 years old. it's his brother. the man said to be wearing the white hat who got away and has been pursued by authorities. he drove the car jacked suv for a time and then got out. both of the two brothers, we're told, came to the united states roughly a decade ago. they came in when their families sought asylum. their father was a government employee. they have been living in the boston area in cambridge for several years. the younger brother has a massachusetts driver's license. he's a resident of cambridge. the older brother is a legal, permanent resident. the older brother was born in russia.
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the younger brother, the one they are still trying to find now, dzhokhar tsarnaev was born in kyrgyzstan. his family lives in russia and we're told his father was a public official there at one time. the reason we're told for this extraordinary security in the area of watertown is, of course, because they still don't know where the other of the two brothers, the second bomber is located. they think they know where he is. they believe that's the place they have surrounded and where you just saw kerry sanders reporting but there's a further concern that these two brothers may have had af coccomplices an authorities found another bomb in boston. a device in the charles gate area. they rendered it safe but they are concerned there maybe accomplices. they can't be certain of it. but there's a concern there maybe accomplices at large. you put all of those factors together, and we're told that's the reason for the extraordinary
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security. there's been a report that one accomplice tried to escape on a train to connecticut. that the train was stopped. we believe now that this is not the case. savannah? >> pete williams our justice correspondent. we know you will continue to monitor it. that is a piece of new information that there was another bomb found the charles gate section of boston this morning, but that it was safe ly detonated by authorities and of course we will continue to work to determine what connection it bears and whether this does mean there are potentially accomplices here. as pete reported authorities are concerned about that. the town of boston and community of boston, more than a million people when you count the suburban communities are under lockdown this morning. they have been told by authorities, including this massachusetts governor who came out this morning and addressed the news media to give a message to the community, do not leave your house. public schools are closed in boston. the transit is closed in boston. there's a no-fly zone in effect over the boston metropolitan
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area. only law enforcement, of course, is able to take to the skies in that area. we have what can only be described as an extraordinary situation in a major american city this morning. i want to turn to don berelli, a form fer special agent with the fbi, part of the joint terrorism task force, and has expertise and a security consultant. so much to talk to you about but i think you can't fathom a more dangerous situation for the officers who are responding here. >> absolutely. that was my first thought. it does not get much worse than this. you have somebody who has both weapons and explosives, and it appears they may have this person contained. appears, we don't know that for sure. but the concern, obviously, is could he be in a barricade situation, which is an extremely dangerous position for tactical officers and worse than that, could he take hostages and that's where the danger goes through the roof.
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this is the concern immediately as far as tactically what is happening on the ground there. then you have the added angle of possible accomplices. what's happening around the city? is anybody assisting him? so this is not only a significant criminal investigation. i mean there was the murder of a police officer. there were the people murdered and injured at the marathon, but a huge intelligence operation now going on both domestically and overseas to figure out who are these guys? what are they about? >> because it is confounding. here are two young men who were born overseas. the suspect who's still alive and being sought. the man in the white hat was born in kyrgyzstan and his brother tamerlan tsarnaev on the right wo was killed in the shootout was born in russia, yet they have been legal residents of the united states for a pe d period of as many as ten years. they have significant ties to the community.
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what leaps out at you about that? >> well, we have seen in previous cases where people that are born here or have lived here for a long time, they somehow go down a path of becoming violent. one of the things we will be looking for is travel records. did any of these people possibly the older brother, go overseas? was he there for a period of time? and what law enforcement and intelligence authorities will be looking for, did he make links with any other organizations based overseas? did he receive training in explosives or tactics. this will hopefully shed some light on the fact that whether or not these guys are local guys that concocted this on their own or were they inspired or helped by a foreign terrorist organization. >> you mention any potential training. you and i have been talking all morning and one thing that caught your expert eye was seeing the surveillance video
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and the almost blase confident nature as they carried out the attack at the boston marathon and you said some of your old colleagues in the atf thought the device was rather sophisticated. >> officially we opined the pressure cooker device was effective but fairly crude. a lot of the opinions swirling around this was a home grown type thing. i spoke with a bomb tech friend of mine last night we were talking about the actual triggering device that was made out of a remote control. what he was telling me is that bomb trained bomb techs practice making these devices. it is not impossible to do but it takes a level of training and sophistication beyond what the average person might have, you know, just working on these things at home. >> will you standby for us as we watch these extraordinary events unfold. i want to mention we have a photograph and identity now of the officer who was killed. 26-year-old sean colier.
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he's a former somerville police officer, but he was working as an m.i.t. police officer last night when he encountered the two suspects in this case and was shot and killed. there's a picture of sean colier, the 26-year-old officer killed last night as these events unfolded. i should mention the boston transit authority officer was also injured. the hospital there reporting he was in surgery, seriously wounded and we will follow his progress, as well. we want to turn to a friend of the suspect, or was a friend of the suspect and she says she was completely shocked when she heard his name tied to the case. she is on the phone. can you hear us? >> yes, i can. can you tell me what you know about him? >> he was really quiet in high school. he was one of those nice guys that everybody knew. no one could think he would be capable of committing such a gruesome crime and hurting the people that he grew up.
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i don't know what the situation is, but it's really hard to fathom that someone i knew, had class with, saw every day, can be capable of something like this. >> when you saw the fbi surveillance photos yesterday, did you immediately recognize him? >> i saw one photo, you know, kind of over a friend's shoulder and i didn't think anything of it, but that could be any boston guy. and then this morning my sister called me numerous times this morning so i woke up and looked at the news and the first thought that came to my mind when i saw the picture that is dzhokhar. but then i thought maybe you are crazy. he is not capable of this. he went to your high school. and then i looked at the news and saw his name was there, that that was the guy i knew from high school and i was in shock. >> i don't know how well you knew him but we talked to others who went to high school with him that described somebody who was friendly and socialable.
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not meeting the profile we often hear in situations where somebody was quiet or brooding or withdrawn. what was your impression of him? >> i always did think of him as a quiet nice giechl last year, i noticed he posted on his facebook. it was really sexist comment on facebook saying he doesn't understand why female teachers are allowed to teach him in school and they should get them out of there. people commented like what are you talking about and he dell leeted it. that's the only moment that i thought that he wasn't such a good guy. apart from that he is nice to even. everybody knew his name. he was just kind of one of those kids. >> as we try to learn more about the suspect we appreciate you calling in and telling us about the high school classmate you knew. appreciate that. we want to mention in washington this is of course being closely followed by the president, his national security team. in fact, they are meeting right now to discuss it. we want to turn to kristin walker at the white house now. good morning to you.
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bring us up-to-date on what is happening there. >> i can tell you the meeting is taking place in the situation room. i'm going to read through the list of people who are attending that meeting. a lot of people sitting down right now to discuss this situation, including attorney general eric holder, as we reported, fbi director robert mueller, chief of staff dennis mcdonagh. and assistant to the president for homeland security and counterterrorism, lisa monaco. deputy national security adviser tony blinken, deputy chief of staff, deputy national security adviser for strategic communication, ben rhodes, deputy council to the president. national security adviser to the president, jake sullivan, janet napolitano, secretary of state john kerry, john glenn is joining by video conference and again this meeting currently underway savannah. i read the names out because this is the first meeting we are
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hearing about of this magnitude in the situation room in response to the developing situation in boston. the president has been kept up to date throughout the night and morning. but right now, sitting down with his national security team, monitoring the situation. savannah. >> from the list you just read this is the comprehensive list of the entire national security apparatus of the government in the situation room right now being updated. thank you for that. we hope you standby. we want to get any breaking developments from you. >> absolutely. >> we will take a break as we watch these developments in b n boston but we want to turn to al and get the weather news, as well. >> the good news for the friends out west it hasn't been so bad and volatile as the east. you can see we have rain making its way to the pacific northwest. nothing too horrible.
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they are used it there. 8. 83 phoenix. temperatures rebounding in denver with the temperature of 51. more coming up after the message. two restaurateurs sat down with our banker and transformed some chicago neighborhoods into culinary meccas. that's the power of connecting a vision into a recipe for success. that's bank of america. good friday morning. temperatures shaping up. warm day today. east shore, comfortable. a little hot in fairfield and gilroy with the mid-80s on the way. our temperatures are going to stay warm.
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new revlon colorstay ultimate suede™ lipstick gives you all-day color and instant moisture with shea butter and aloe. for food-proof wear and velvety soft lips. good morning to you. 7:26. i'm marla tallez. the mother of the 11-year-old boy from martinez wounded in the boston marathon bombing says he has taken a huge step forward. that news comes as aaron hern received a special visit from michelle obama. they released this photo. she brought little replicas of
7:24 am
bo, the first dog, for aaron and his younger sister. he has now had all tubes removed and is able to sit up and talk. he was at the finish line waiting for his mother running the marathon when the bombs went off. here in hayward, investigators are looking into a deadly crash involving a patrol car a male pedestrian and a female pedestrian were hit at mission boulevard and cherry way before 5:00 this morning. the man was killed while the woman was taken to the hospital. her condition is not known at this time. the coroner is headed to the scene. let's get a look at the traffic in that area and elsewhere with mike now. good morning. because of that crash, we do have still the mission boulevard area closed. let me show you on the map. this is just south of 238 as you are coming through hayward. it is north of the hayward loop. mission boulevard is closed for two blocks between medford and blossom around cherry way. you are going to use foothill boulevard. know that will change things, specially coming south down out
7:25 am
of the area of san leandro. here is the approach to the maze, a smooth drive. more slowing through berkeley off of the racetrack and the richmond bridge. a live look at the south bay as well with nice, sunny skies and a smooth flow there, christina. how is the day? good morning. we want to start with a live picture of san francisco. you can see the flag still flying at half-staff. not getting much pickup in the wind which has calmed down substantially. happy to report that. our pollen levels are going to drop off a touch. highs will be warm. you want to dress for two different parts of td day, 83, fairfield, 82, livermore. 76 on the way to fremont. as we head through the weekend, temperatures will stay toasty. that means you will get great conditions at the beach. it will be a little bit hot inland. back to you, marla. >> thanks so much. we will be back with our next local news update. we will see you again at 7:56. an entire outfit to match your mani-pedi? shop like a fashionista. not if you find something amazing for less than the price of it. save like a maxxinista.
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we are following breaking news in boston this morning. the city in near lockdown right now as police search for a 19-year-old suspect in monday's deadly boston marathon attack. the other suspect we are aware of, his brother, has been killed in a shootout overnight with police. good morning, everyone. matt's in west texas where a powerful explosion left the town devastated. we will check in with him in a moment but we want to get to the
7:28 am
latest out of boston. an unfolding scene in an iconic american city in lockdown as we speak. let's go to ron allen in cambridge. ron, for those just coming up to date this morning, tell us the extraordinary circumstances those who live in this area are being exposed to this morning. >> reporter: well, we're in cambridge around the corner from the home of the two suspects. the one slain suspect and the other who is still at large. they live down the street there, about two blocks down where there's a heavy, heavy police presence. we understand there's a bomb squad in the building right now. a dilapidated house half way down the street. the family lives there, two sisters, mother, and the father lives in russia somewhere. right now there are people all over the streets trying to get the latest information on what is going on. when we talk to people here they describe the two young men as quiet and not in any way unusual. knew they were from russia area.
7:29 am
they had an accent. one was a wrestle area and another as a boxer for the team. and they were not seen out of the ordinary. a lot of focus is on what they were thinking and where the second suspect is. we are not far from the m.i.t. campus where a police officer was slain last night around 10:00 last night in his car. ambushed by the suspects at that point. again, a young officer, believed to be 26 years of age, who is again known in this community. shocking developments overnight that have moved from this area to the town of watertown, which is not far from here. both of the communities close to boston, boston suburbs. that's where there is an intense manhunt underway for one of the suspects still at large. we have seen numerous police vehicles, military vehicles descending on that area, on that neighborhood. there have been a number of searches door to door.
7:30 am
residents have been told to stay in their homes. in fact, throughout the entire boston area that involves perhaps a population of close to a million people the governor and police officials have ordered and asked people to please stay sheltered in place so police can carry out their activities as this manhunt continues. it is a very tense situation. driving around this area, i can tell you there are police everywhere. we see heavy vehicles screaming through the streets. we have heard reports of a lot of devices, perhaps bombs that have been dealt with by authorities. there was a device that was in kenmore swear, the heart of boston a few hours ago. that was removed, diffused. we don't know if it was a bomb but it was handled. so that's the threat police are facing as they search for the heavily-armed suspect. they believe he may have assault weaponry and other explosive devices. so every precaution being taken
7:31 am
as again police descend on this community trying to learn everything about him, his brother and family. >> all right. ron allen in cambridge. as you mentioned, the city of boston essentially shut down. people told to stay in their homes. the transit has been suspended for the day. there's no driving. people with are told not to open their businesses, not to go about their business. it speaks to the extraordinary graf gravity of the situation. in addition to tefrg else going on this morning authorities did safely dispose of another bomb. and authorities are actively looking for an open to the possibility that there could be accomplices to the two suspects we know for certain about. and that is why these extraordinary measures are being taken to shut down a major american city with a population of more than a million people. there are many angles to this story. one of them has to do with the suspect's uncle.
7:32 am
he lives in maryland. as i understand it, he's spoken to some reporters there. pat collins is at the station there. what can you tell us. >> reporter: we are in montgomery village outside of washington. look across the street at the house. it's the house with the van and white truck in the driveway. the uncle of the two boston bombing suspects. he's identified as tsarni. he has lived here several year and the father of several young this house this morning. they want to talk to him and look around. they have been in that house now for some time, as they continue the investigation here. they have blocked off us from that house, maybe 50 to 75 feet. they say they want to keep us a joining me is a neighbor, adam mason.
7:33 am
tell me about the tsarnis. >> lovely group of neighbors, always take care of their home and property. they have small children, nice kids. >> real young children. >> real young children. >> did you ever see young men hanging out at that house there? high schoolish age but we >> again, you never noticed anything suspicious at this house? >> never. never. >> reporter: what do you make of this whole thing? >> i feel like boston is now in my backyard. so it has come home to roost. it's a shame because they are lovely people and i'm not sure what to think of it. it's just a sad situation. very thank you very much. neighbor adam mason, again, inside the uncle's house across the street fbi agents and police. they are talking to him. they want to know what he knows about his nephews.
7:34 am
we are watching things here. back to you. >> pat collins thank you so much. we want to check in with matt lauer who's also been covering a major story. the fertilizer plant explosion in the town of west, texas, that devastated that community. matt is with us. good morning to you. >> reporter: savannah, good morning to you. in boston they search for suspects and here they are searching for answers as to what may have caused the blast 40 to 48 hours ago. i'm with the mayor pro tem and volunteer firefighter. my condolences on the loss here. we had a gentleman walking around passing out this leaflet with a picture of a man not seen since the explosion. what else can you tell snus how much of the area has been searched? >> 80% of the houses in the blast area, not the blast site but the blast area has been searched. in those houses that have been
7:35 am
searched there's been one fatality. this gentleman here, it is new to me. this is the first i have seen that and we will continue to search. >> is there fear that some employees of the fertilizer facility may be missing and there is an apartment complex that they want to go in and take a closer look at. >> as far as the apartment complex, that's their priority today. they are coming in with heavy equipment where they can get and peel back stuff to make it safe to see if there is somebody in there which that is possible. we hope not but it is possible. >> i mentioned you are a volunteer firefighter. we are here at the volunteer fire department where five members of your team lost their lives. how are their families coping? >> it's hard. it's hard. the mayor, i believe, is with the family of one of them as we speak. we will console them and be with them as much as we can. not for the next few days, but for the months and years to come. we know all of these people. one of the firefighters that was
7:36 am
killed was a life-long friend of my son. in fact my son spent more time at his house than he did ours. it is so close. it will be hard. >> one family took an especially hard hit. two of the firefighters lost were brothers. >> yes, bob and doug. and it's ironic, both of their fathers were in the west fire department for 30 years. >> and the fire department also lost some of its ability to deal with situations in the future, three vehicles were destroyed in this explosion. i was here this morning as some local communities delivered fire equipment to this facility here so that you guys can cope in the near term. >> yes. they are from the surrounding communities and they are taking this over for us so that we can get our act together, for lack of a better word. until we do that, they will be here for us. some of our equipment, our pumper truck was brand new. it was brand new a dwreer and a half old. it was a devastating loss and the texas municipal league has contacted us about working to
7:37 am
get new equipment but still going to take time. >> steve, thank you for joining us. my condolences to you and the people here in west, texas. that's the story here. 12 donconfirmed dead and 200 injured. some may be missing as they continue to search. >> we want to go back to the unfolding situation in boston. let's get to pete williams. he's got new information about the suspect that police are seeking. pete, what can you tell us? >> reporter: authorities, one reason they are moving so slowly to go in to that house and you see all of the equipment, all the preparations being made is that they are very concerned it maybe wired with explosives to use the vernacular, maybe booby trapped. that's why they are going slowly. it's not certain whether they are convinced the other bomber is there or whether they think
7:38 am
there is explosives in the house. they think he may be there but they are not certain. that's adding to the anxiety. plus you have the additional anxiety that several authorities believe they may have had accomplices. they found one bomb this morning in the boston area. they are wondering whether there may be more. there have been reports that one of these accomplices tried to flee on the train to connecticut. that turned out not to be true. seven hours away in niagara falls, there were some russians pulled over and questioned. i think that pretty well washed out. the intriguing possibility here is that the younger brother, the one they are still seeking, dzhokhar tsarnaev may have been wounded in the encounter with the police in watertown this morning. they found some blood in the areas after he fled. his brother was killed.
7:39 am
shot many times and they are -- they don't know, of course, because they can't find him. they don't know where he is so they can't be sure but there is some supposition that perhaps he was wounded. >> pete, i don't want to put you on the spot but i was curious, i know we are not sure definite ly the suspect is holed up in the house but if so and authorities think it maybe wired with explosives i wonder whether or not the suspect has any connection to that house. apparently they lived in cambridge and gave chase to watertown. i wonder if you have any information on that whatsoever? >> i'm not sure about that. so i better not speculate. i don't know the providence of that house. >> i want to bring in richard engel. tamerlan tsarnaev is deceased and he appears to have given an interview to a photo blog site.
7:40 am
>> i have been seeing counterterrorism officials all day and they are looking, while people on the ground are looking for the suspect at large the counterterrorism officials are looking at who they might be. were they connected to a larger terrorist organization? what kind of digital footprint did they leave behind? what kind of things they may have been posting, not just on facebook but do they have a cloud hidden some place? they have been pulling up some videos that suggest that they were leaning toward islamic extremism. that they were connected to or may have been influenced by some radical organizations. the one organization that they think, and this is what the investigators are looking at right now, is a particular group that operates in turkey, chechnya and that part. >> i mentioned the blog. we might show them. if we do, everyone will know the providence of those photos. it is an unfolding situation.
7:41 am
there seems to be a connection to chechnya. but we have been told that neither was born in chechnya. dzhokhar tsarnaev was born in kyrgyzstan and tamerlan tsarnaev russia. but it is this neck of the woods. if you can give us a sense of the politics that exist? some of the competing forces. >> i will tell you what i have been hearing from counterterrorism officials and put it in context. counterterrorism officials are treating this as a group dynamic has emerged. they are not treating it as a particular individual. that there's other accomplices out there, and may have been multiple people involved. they are looking at the group dynamic. two, they are saying the behavior of these suspects is consistent with militants who are associated with a group called the iju. it is the islamic jihad union. it is a group that comprises chechens.
7:42 am
it is a group that includes some usbeks. this group has many factions within it. that is the main group that counterterrorism officials are looking at right now. they say the behavior of these individuals is consistent with that. i haven't heard any specific proof that links them to that, but that's where they are looking and it's a brutal militant group. >> sorry to interrupt you. i want to get to kerry sanders who is near weartown. what are you seeing. >> reporter: i'm not sure what is going on. officers are crouched behind vehicles and come behind the main drag here in town. it appears someone is laying on the sidewalk. i see what appears to be -- okay, we're being moved back here. appears to be a turquoise shirt. now i'm in a position where i can't see. being asked to back up more. the officers take a defensive position even though it appears
7:43 am
the person who's down is not threatening, but remember, there's a lot of concern here about somebody who might have an ied strapped to them. that would be a bomb. they are pushing us back and i think they are doing it for our safety as much as clearing the scene here. >> kerry, hope you are safe. hang up if you want. >> i'm fine. we're moving in a position. it's fine. >> where are you in connection to the area where we believe authorities were focusing? >> so where i was was five blocks -- try to work this out. five blocks sou. this would be five blocks, not even five blocks. this would be two blocks -- okay. these officers are not kidding around. hang on a second. i want to get my bearings before we have a real problem. they are trying to do their jobs and we want to respect that. >> i can't emphasize enough that please put your safety as a priority. >> okay.
7:44 am
they are pushing us further back now. so, okay. so this would be two blocks down from u.s. army material technology laboratory. right on the main drag here. so we have school street heading up, which is where we thought they were concentrating their efforts and then you come down here and -- i'm sorry. i've lost the name of the street here. >> that's okay. kerry, how is it you were able to see somebody on the street? i guess i'm confused what you saw and where you saw it? >> okay. so there are a tremendous number of vehicles that have moved down the main drag here. i've lost count there are so many. a large group of people started to run that direction. some with weapons out. some of them news people with cameras out. i jogged along and as i approached, i saw the officers closest to a small little area on the sidewalk. this would be the sidewalk
7:45 am
closest to the neighborhood opposed to the sidewalk which is where the building is. and i made my way over behind the vehicle and i saw that officers had weapons drawn and were crouching behind vehicles. so i then put myself behind a vehicle and i was looking down the sidewalk. as i looked down the sidewalk, i saw what looked like somebody laying on the sidewalk. like it was a body. i saw turquoise, the color of turquoise. it was a crumpled position so it was hard to see but clearly the officers had their weapons trained on what appeared to be a body to me. and then, as you know, as we were starting to talk and i was beginning to give that scene the officers after looking forward to started to turn around and pushing the media back and asking us to back up and as you can hear i'm having one more officer ask us to back up even further. so we are backing up and backing
7:46 am
up and backing up. >> i'm trying to understand the radius the authorities are trying to establish. how far are you -- have you made your way several blocks? >> this is what i'm going to do. if we can stay with me. i will see if i can get a live camera up here and narrate for you what's going on with pictures. i think some pictures might give you a better view. we will be much further away, but give me a second here to walk over. you need a cable over here. give mae second here. >> okay. kerry. you standby. we are on a shot and your mic is open. >> you have a shot now? >> we have a shot. i don't know if we have your shot. we are leaving your mic open. just jump in temperature as we watch this i want to bring in former special agent of the fbi, former joint terrorism task force. to the extent you can i want you to help us understand the
7:47 am
situation here. you heard his special report. >> anytime you have a situation like this, whether it is a suspect or innocent bistander trying to escape, officers will put the person on the ground, prone them out, do a methodical search. no matter what. that's standard protocol for a situation like this. it would be too early to say this is actually the subject they are looking for. it could be somebody that happened in the middle of the crime scene, the perimeter and officers will take that precautionary measures. >> obviously there are so many questions, so few answers. when you see officers casting a wide berth around a house, i think it speaks to the gravity of the situation and the volatility of it. >> absolutely. what really jacks this thing up is because of the explosives and the potential mentioned before about booby traps and these things. the officers will slow everything way down because you just don't -- you can't afford
7:48 am
to take a misstep and trigger some type of explosive device. >> kerry sanders is in watertown, massachusetts in a different location but not far from where that gun fight took place over the night. this is the gun fight in which one of the men suspected in this terrorism is boston marathon attack was killed. kerry is standing by and we will go back to him if he has something to report. in a situation like this, i hasten to add that while we are showing you pictures and following it closely, we are going to show you on a taped delay a slight delay in case there is anything that happens. so that people -- so that we are judicious in our coverage and we are trying to be careful here because there's are remarkable circumstances indeed. we will keep our eye on that picture and on this situation. we will get a break in here and be back with breaking coverage after this. the boys used double miles from their capital one venture card to fly home for the big family reunion.
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you must be garth's father? hello. mother. mother! traveling is easy with the venture card because you can fly any airline anytime. two words. double miles! this guy can act. wanna play dodge rock? oh, you guys! and with double miles you can actually use, you never miss the fun. beard growing contest and go! ♪ i win! what's in your wallet? ♪ time to jump in to something new ♪ ♪ ♪ the best part of wakin' up ♪ is folgers in your cup let's go to kerry sanders on the ground in a situation in watertown. what can you tell us. >> officers started to yell get down, get down. some people are getting back up.
7:50 am
we were down 45 seconds. i'm not sure what is going on. it appeared there was a threat and that we needed to be down and now we are getting up off the ground and looks like we will be moving a considerable distance away from what has developed there. we are going back even more. >> okay. please do. >> wish i could give you a better explanation as to why. at this point incredibly tense when an officer is telling you to get on the ground. >> we want you to do what the officers tell you and our crew and everyone there. this is an intense situation in watertown, massachusetts. we don't know what we are dealing with. >> can you see our picture right now? >> i see a picture. i see police vehicles. we did see you. here you are, kerry. we see you. >> great.
7:51 am
so let me take you through. let me sort of show you what you got. down here, a police officer's car. if you look over here that's the u.s. army -- if you go all the way down a block and a half. >> sir, can you move aside. thank you. >> down on the sidewalk here, well past many police officers, the officers were crouching behind cars and have been taking their positions where what appeared to be, to me, somebody laying on the ground in a turquoise shirt. a person laying on the ground did not appear to be moving at all. >> all right. kerry standby and keep us posted. i want to bring in don berelli he is the former fbi agent and somebody with great expertise in
7:52 am
a situation like this but nobody has expertise when things are unfolding as they are. >> this is one of those things where we have to go with the flow. as i said before, anyone that happens out in front of law enforcement, they are going to treat them as a subject until proven otherwise. they will prone them out on the ground and try to get in to a position to see if there is a bomb or device strapped on to that person. they may use a robot or something like that to help do that but safety first. >> let me pause for a moment and let stations across the country know we are going to stay with this coverage and not go to the local news break as we continue to watch an unfolding situation in watertown, massachusetts. this is a suburban community. it is right outside of central boston. it is where there was a gun fight this morning between the suspect, two suspects in this boston marathon attack and police. one of the suspects was killed. his younger brother, dzhokhar
7:53 am
tsarnaev survived, remains at large and maybe the subject of all of the activity that you see there. we have gotten some reporting from our justice correspondent pete williams that authorities did believe they knew where he was. that he maybe holed up in a house. there are significant questions here and we will be transparent with viewers that we do not have this 100% confirmed but the area in watertown, massachusetts where in the last five to ten minutes or so we have seen an uptick in activity with police clearing the area. as you saw our own kerry sanders with his crew being cleared out. obviously something is afoot where they feel there is a danger, a danger that is encompasses a much wider berth than it did before. we want you to know we put a premium on our crew's safety and we are watching carefully and tape delaying these pictures, a slight delay on these live pictures you are seeing so we can be careful as we bring you
7:54 am
the story as it unfolds live on the air, 11:00 on the east coast and almost 8:00 on the west coast. richard engel is with me now. you have been talking to counterterrorism officials and i think there's so much not known because here we have two men who were born overseas. were born overseas. one in kyrgyzstan, one in russia. but both have been legal, permanent residents of the united states for sometime. perhaps up to a decade -- hold on, richard. hold that thought. back to kerry sanders. >> i'm not sure how long i'm going to be able to stay here so i wanted to stop for a moment. we don't want to give out too much information but i can tell you four stories up we have snipers that have taken up positions and down this street as i step out of the way, see what kind of zoom you can do there. i know it is a long way from where we were. but you can see many police officers cars. there is one black car to the left. it is beyond that on the left hand side, another half or so
7:55 am
block down that i saw the person on the ground. what we are trying to do is see if we can move the camera to our rye here and see if any kind of picture comes in that explains the situation to you. okay. so here's what we are looking at. you see the white car and there's the police officer's car who is just turning in to the shot of the other one. okay. about -- i'd say four or five cars yen veeven dwloond is wher officers were taking up their defensive position. they were behind the left back bump per, pistol drawn, on his knee. so the officer will ask me to move and i figured that would be the case. then some other officers had out shotguns, as well as other officers had out ar-15s and they had them up and didn't have a necessary defensive position because they were moving forward trying to assess the situation. we were jogging with them.
7:56 am
at which point, when they kind of started to take in what was going on, i'd say about seven, eight, officers then spun around and saw that this running of cameras and reporters was coming. they started to turn around and push us back because it appeared to be a threatening position. of course officers had their weapons pulled. there must be something threatening. they asked us to back off. we stopped. i took a defensive position behind the car like the officer following his model. eventually another officer said look, you have to go back and we moved back, we moved back and then they asked us to take a position on the sidewalk where we had to lay down and i'm not sure why that was. i'm looking up here at two snipers that have taken position. what they are not doing is aiming their rifles at this point. oh, you know what he just told us if i knew what was going on we wouldn't be standing here right now. i will move positions and take his advice.
7:57 am
>> please do. don, you wanted to say? >> we don't know what was happening before the situation got more volatile and your teams had to move but one possibility is there is a lull. there could have been some type of negotiation going on between the subject and negotiators and officers. what we are seeing now has the look of negotiated surrender type of thing where they are moving people in to position. i'm not saying that is what it is. is. this could be many different scenarios, but on the surface, this is the type of tactics you would see when you have a deliberated negotiated surrender. >> okay. i've been given a statement from another part of this story unfolding. robert lamantain from the dartmouth office of public affairs says the university has learned that a person being sought in connection with the
7:58 am
boston marathon bombings is a registered student on campus. so i believe you believe i'm being told that u.s. amhurst is being evacuated. as we're trying to to understand the background of those suspects, it's perplexing baez they've lived here for a decade. >> the fact that they've lived here and assimilated into american culture is not that surprising. since u.s. counterterrorism officials are starting to look at this as a cell that may be connected overseas, may be connected particularly to this one group being talked about now by counterterrorism officials called the islamic jihad union. that's a group that law enforcement, that counterterrorism officials are looking at right now.
7:59 am
the fact that these people lived in the u.s., not particularly surprisin surprising. s that something these groups want. they want to reach out and find people with clean passports, people who know the native customs and the language. we've seen that time and time again in london. >> they want to, but it's the difficulty of doing so. >> and this is the first time they've been able to have people staged successfully in the united states, because it is not easy to find young people living comfortable lives who want to engage in this kind of activity. >> 11:00 on the east, 8:00 in the morning on the west coast, and we have our eyes glued to this picture because it seems to be the activity of a great deal of activity. watertown, massachusetts. that's just outside of boston. and we have seen an extraordinary show of police force this morning and activity centered around, we believe, a home or a place where one of the
8:00 am
suspects in the boston marathon attack still may be holed up. if you're still catching up with the news this morning, let me reset for you. the two suspects who were in those images that the fbi released overnight, late last night allegedly held up a convenience store, then engaged with an m.i.t. police officer, killing him. these two suspects are accused of leading police on a high-speed case that led to watertown, massachusetts. the person on the left who's now been identified as tamerlan tsarnaev, was killed. and the other man on the right, now on the left. white cap, younger of the brothers, 19 years old, has not been apprehended. he is the focus of this man hunt this morning that's taking place
8:01 am
in watertown, massachusetts. our justice correspondent, pete williams, has also reported that police are actively looking for other accomplices right now. and we have seen a flurry of activity as authorities try to get a handle on this. pete williams also reported that in the boston area of charlesgate, another bomb was disposed of. it was detonated safely. but this has led to, dare i say it, an unprecedented closure of a major american city. authorities have come on the air this morning and asked residents of the boston metropolitan area, not to leave their homes, to stay home, not to go to work. transit is suspended. there's a no-fly zone over the city right now, and authorities, federal government, local authorities, are trying to get their handle on a situation that is very much happening right now
8:02 am
at the white house in washington, a situation, meeting assembled with the entirety of the national security team. the president being briefed all through the night by one of his advisers and now by his attorney general national security adviser, a list too long to recite here, all in the situation room this morning briefing the president on what is going on. we are going take a break right here. we'll keep an eye on this picture. and we will come with any developments as we get them. this is "today" on nbc. make it better for someone else. the same way the smooth, creamy taste of coffee-mate... makes coffee and your day better. coffee-mate. coffee's perfect mate. nestle. good food, good life.
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♪ [ male announcer ] now's the time to spring, get 2 perennials for just $5 at lowe's today. then you'll love lactose-free lactaid® it's 100% real milk that's easy to digest so you can fully enjoy the dairy you love. lactaid®. for 25 years, easy to digest. easy to love. of. developing story where authorities are engaged in a massive man hunt in a situation that is very much unfolding before our eyes. this is a picture of watertown, massachusetts where we think it's a few blocks away from
8:04 am
where one of the suspects may be holed up. and we've seen a great deal of activity in the last few minutes where reporters and our own carrie sanders have been told by police to get out of the area, and they have done so. let's go to a former fbi profiler, who's been involved in some of these situations in the past. clint, good morning to you. tell me what strikes you. >> what strikes me right now is the potential that they may have the individual we know as suspect number 2, the 19-year-old man with the white baseball cap, they may have him holed up somewhere. if so, that's a very positive thing, obviously. one of the reasons law enforcement is pushing everybody back is based upon the type of weapons they believe he has, they have to push that inner perimeter far enough back. the hope is number one, they have this individual isolated.
8:05 am
number two, they have fbi, atf negotiators talking to him, and they're able to give him a reason to come out. one reason, for example, is his brother is already dead, and the honor of his brother, he needs to share with the world why they did this. otherwise they'll just go down as two crazy people. so negotiators will work very hard to give this guy the chance. in the meantime, there are investigations going on in russia and maryland, all over the world right now simultaneously to pull this case together, to see, are these two isolated individuals? are they part of some much larger group? and is there any future activity planned in this country that they may have instituted or someone else could have? >> clint, you've been involved in your fair share of these kinds of things. got to believe this is as dangerous as it gets when you have two suspects, one of whom, according to some witnesses, is now been killed, may have been
8:06 am
wearing an explosive device to him, and now this other one is on the lewis. these officers are dealing, to state the obvious, with a very, very dangerous situation. >> yeah, they have, and part of a hostage negotiator, i've talked people out of situations like this, but when you've got an explosive vest involved, you have to consider not only the safety of the public but the safety of the officers surrounding. the last thing we want to see is a homicide-suicide, or so-called suicide by cop. the other agencies, if they have this individual cornered will give him every chance in the world for an honorable resolution. but he has two choices. it's surrender or die, and he's going to have to make that choice. the authorities will help him make the right choice, as far as they're concerned. >> thank you for your expertise this morning.
8:07 am
we want to turn to michelle kasinski. good morning. >> it is coming out in bits and pieces. the associated press has reported that they were able to speak by phone to the father of these boys who's in dagastan. these are republics, they sound like different counts, kyrgyzstan, where the younger son was born. these are republics that have some degree of autonomy, but they are technically part of recognition and wee know the older boy was born in russia. so the father is still there in one of the republics. and he described the younger son who's described by officials as armed and potentially dangerous, as a true angel and a second-year medical student in the u.s.
8:08 am
also the head master of the school where these boys once attended has spoke out. the russian press says they were two parents, two sons, two daughters, that they moved in 2001 from one russian republic to another was refugees. we know that they were affected in some way by trouble in that region, but the headmaster said that the following year, only one year later in 2002, the entire family uprooted and moved to the u.s. so i think in some ways it's easy for people to say, hey, this is a family from this very troubled region that has been really a hotbed for islamic separatism. it has also attracted foreign fighters, seen by some of those as a potential start of global jihad. they're from there, but remember, they left this region when they were grade-school age. and not much is known about them there. the people who have been
8:09 am
interviewed said, hey, they were kids. they weren't remarkable students or anything like that. nothing more about the family there. it's not until they're here in the u.s. that we start to see some things reported on social media. again, we don't know for 100% certain that these were their social media sites in russia. these boys, according to reports, were on this russian social media site where they were apparently posting certain things that were sympathetic to the chechen cause. chechnya had been at war with russia. it's been tamped down in certain years but some people think it's been growing lately. so the young boy did post certain links to sympathetic causes. he's described in one of these
8:10 am
social media as his world view is islam and personal pursuits is career and money. it's interesting. the younger son, who was killed, whiles in u.s., he was a boxer, quite a good one. but he was quoted in a photo essay as saying at one point, i don't have a single american friend. i don't understand them. it's also worth noting that two of these boys' uncles were interviewed. one of the uncles said, i'm sorry about this, if they were involved with this, i'm sorry. another one said he hadn't spoken to these two in several years and described the older son tamerlan as a loser. that's all we know from the family and people who knew them. several friends, calling themselves friends of these two, have come out and said they seemed fine, especially dzhokhar, the younger one.
8:11 am
he seemed quiet, he seemed very nice. we never heard a bad word said about him. so at least according to these interviews, assimilated into american life on one hand, but then on the other hand, if you look at and believe that the social media sites are theirs, definitely sympathetic to the cause back where they were born in the separatist russian republic. >> michelle kosinski, wrapping up a lot of what's been said out there, although point of caution, i put a big red asterisk over anything we see in social media just because we have not confirmed it at nbc news. we want to show you an interview we did earlier with a young woman who said she went to high
8:12 am
school with dzhokhar. >> he never seemed out of the ordinary. he had lots of friends, did relatively well in high school from what i'm aware of. he did wrestling. this was never anything that seemed to be brooding for a while. this is an incredible shock to everyone that knew him. >> how long did you know him? all of high school? >> yes. since i was 14. i'm 20 now. >> when you saw those fbi surveillance photos yesterday which were released about 5:00 yesterday, did you immediately recognize him? >> . saying he was the missing
8:13 am
guy from brown, so we all assumed it was a coincidence and i went back to bed and i woke up and the scary thing is that was true. it was him. but yes, we all immediately recognized him. >> you're sounding like he's someone you say wasn't a brooder and somebody who was sociable and involved in high school. what else can you remember about him? >> he was a nice guy. he was shy. it's almost physically painful to call him nice after the absolute tragedy that happened, but at the time we knew him that he was funny, and i have friends that were relatively good friends of him. he never seemed like anyone that was suspicious. cambridge is known for having some amazing successful people, not anyone that could ever do just a horrendous crime like this. he was on the wrestling team, did relatively well, and that was all i really knew about tim. >> did you ever encounter his brother?
8:14 am
>> no, i never did. i didn't know he had a brother until today. >> our interview a bit earlier this morning with sierra schwartz who went to high school with dzhokhar, and we await a news conference. we expected it in the last hour but it's been delayed understandably. we'll keep an eye on that picture and as we do, we'll turn to your justice correspondent pe williams to give us an update. what can you tell us? >> well, i can tell you that in terms of what exactly is going on at that house right now, it's so realtime that the information is not flowing down here to washington the way it normally would in a situation like this. i was also thinking, you think about the times everybody is told to stay indoors, and it's like when a rail car full of
8:15 am
some sort of noxious substance derails and there's a cloud. that's exactly what there is. there's a cloud over boston and the suburbs right now caused by these two men that set off bombs at the boston marathon on monday, and then started a long sequence that still isn't over. last night when they first tried to rob a 7-eleven, shot a campus policeman, tried to use his debit card to get cash, got into a shootout with police, seriously wounding a tran acidity policeman, setting off this chase. one of the brothers, one of the two bomb suspects is dead. the other is somewhere, and the authorities are not exactly certain. there's some reason to think it might be in this house that they've had surrounded now for the past many, many hours. but what is also of great concern to the authorities, savannah, is that these two brothers, who'd lived in the united states for ten years, coming here with their family at
8:16 am
the sikh asylum, that they possibly have accomplices who may also have bad thoughts about america. they found the authorities did, another bomb, that would be the third this week in boston. this happen one was discovered and rendered safe, but the authorities don't know whether there are other bombs. they don't know where these polices are. there have been reports that perhaps the accomplices tried to leave town, but we haven't found any of those that we think are true. so there's all these unresolved question. there's the other brother. are there accomplices? are there other bombs. and they still don't know the answer. that's where we are right now, so many hours after all this. basically 12 hours after this began to unfold. after the fbi showed the pictures of these two men and
8:17 am
accused them of being the marathon bombers. >> by my count, 17 hours, and so much has happened. pete williams, please stand by and check in if you've got any new information. as we try to piece together this new information, what could have possibly motivated these young men and we're going on very little at this point. geographically where they're from. >> people have been digging into their backgrounds, looking whether they have traveled to or how much contact they had with their home countries. khe chechnyaw, since 1994 there are
8:18 am
been violent movements.3 f2 reclutan y surge inspiración, they draw recruits, they draw inspiration. and that's it's very important
8:19 am
to catch this suspect.3 c1 they may be looking for other accomplices, which may suggest a larger more organized effort. there is no claim of responsibility. the way i look at it is there are facts that cut both ways in the situation. and it's not necessarily that clean. it doesn't have to be a foreign cell dispatched to the united states to be carried out and attacked like the al qaeda model of 2011. >> forgive me, the suspect's uncle is speaking live in maryland. toward the united states? >> no, no. i never even knew. something, i would just submit
8:20 am
>> what do you think provoked this? hatred to those who were able to settle themselves. these are the only reasons i can imagine of. anything else. anything else to do with religion, with islam, it's a fraud, it's a fake. >> did they have any military training at all? i've seen them as kids. we've seen them in 2005. huh? we're ethnic khchechens. if that happened, but it's not by brother who spent his life bringing bread to their table.
8:21 am
fixing cars, fixing cars. he didn't have time or chance or anything option. he's been working. that's it. >> can you move closer to the mike? >> no, no, no, i've not been -- >> take a step forward. >> i've not been in touch with my brother. no, i don't know anything about that. again. >> huh? no, my family has nothing to do with that family. >> why not? they're your family. why have you not talked to them. >> are you ashamed why what happened? >> of course we're ashamed. yes, we're ashamed. they're children of my brother, who had little influence of them, honestly, as much as i know. who had little influence of them. >> is there any reason you don't have any contact with them? did you have a falling out or anything? >> it's a personal, it's a personal. i just wanted my family be away from them. that's it.
8:22 am
again, the only, i say what i think what's behind it, being losers, not being able to settle themselves. and thereby just hating everyone who did. >> have you been in the united states, sir? >> i've been in the united states since -- oh, they came early, since 2003. >> why did they live in cambridge? >> they came to, when they moved to the states and they -- so they came to cambridge area. >> why? >> they immigrated. they immigrated and they received asylum. >> reporter: did you go to school? were they working? >> yes, they lived there. >> reporter: did they go to college? >> i hope they were. i don't know. when they grew up, as i said, me myself, and this family had long, long time.
8:23 am
at least last time i spoke with my -- it's about 2009. yes. >> reporter: how do you feel about america? what do you think of the united states? >> i say -- i teach my children and that's what i feel myself. this is the ideal microworld in the entire world. i respect this country. i love this country. this country which gives chance to everybody to be treated as a to be treated as a human being. that's what i feel about this >> my name r-u-s-l-a-n, and last name t-s-a-r-n-i. >> reporter: were they involved in any sort of training? >> i don't know. i don't know. i just, again, i don't know. i seen them as kids.
8:24 am
and if i even slightly be aware that they were involved, i'd be the first one to bring them into the fighti ining in chechnya? >> were they born there? >> no, they were not born. one of them, he was born in a neighboring region to that. >> reporter: and you haven't seen them for years? >> i haven't seen them for years. >> reporter: when you saw the pictures, did you recognize them? >> i saw them only this morning when i was contacted at 7:00 a.m. with reporters. >> reporter: there were pictures on the news last night. did you recognize them? >> when they said, have you seen the pictures, my wife opened up internet.
8:25 am
and on aol, i saw picture of dzhokhar. >> reporter: what do you say to them? >> i say, turn yourself in, and ask for forgiveness from the victims, from the injured and those who left as forgiveness from these people. he put a shame on our family, he put a shame on the entire chechen ethnicity. so that's what i would say. turn yourself in. put yourself at the discretion of those who are here. so that's what i would say. >> reporter: were you consider them -- >> reporter: have you been in touch with the boys' father? >> not yet. not yet. >> reporter: when was the last time you spoke to them? >> that was the last time i
8:26 am
spoke with them, that was about, about three months ago, maybe. >> reporter: did he express concerns about -- >> no, no, no. we agreed -- no. >> reporter: where were they born? >> they came here from kyrgyzstan. >> reporter: where were they born? >> in kyrgyzstan. pardon me? i say those who are able to make this atrocity are only losers. there's no idea that they may follow. >> reporter: what do you do for a living? >> i work. i work. thank you very much. from now on, i dearly ask you to respect -- >> we've been listening to
8:27 am
ruslan tsarni, the uncle of the suspects, who is as surprised as anyone waking up to this, telling reporters that they are ethnic chechnens by background, but he does not know if they've had any kind of overseas training and has not seen them in years, it sounds like. let's turn to pete williams. >> i think a couple things here. he says -- the two bombers are that's the relationship there. he says they came in early 2003 heard this morning that the family received asylum. and then you may recall that later this morning, the father in russia, and the uncle just
8:28 am
said that his brother did go back to russia, so that explains that. you just said something about whether he didn't know if they'd traveled. and that reminds me that undoubtedly right now federal authorities are checking their travel records, these two young men, to see if they ever did go overseas to any kind of terror training camp, because we had heard that they had military experience. that was the initial assessment we had heard from several sources this morning. well, if they came here a decade ago and the one they're looking for still is only 19 years old, obviously he didn't have any military experience at the age of 9 before he came here. and the brother is 26, so i suppose it's possible that he might have had a little military experience. but it does lead you to believe that maybe their military experience came later in life, that maybe they did travel
8:29 am
overs overseas, and that's certainly something authorities will be checking right now. >> step one, having gotten their identities, learned that they'd been living legally under an asylum application for the last several years, that the travel schedule will be of great interest to authorities investigating this. i want to bring everybody up-to-date, pete. i'll let you get back on the phone. we are awaiting a news conference from law enforcement officials, hoping to get the an update. we have our eye on watertown, massachusetts, which an hour ago was a very busy scene. to bring everyone up-to-date, two suspects in the boston marathon attack led police on a high speed chase over the evening. it ended in watertown, massachusetts. one of the suspects was killed,
8:30 am
26-year-old tamerlan tsarnaev, and other is still at live. we're going to take a break. enough about the book, i want to hear about your date. well, he showed up in a van. [ women ] oh-awww. [ voices in background ] [ female announcer ] swapportunity. the opportunity to swap a higher calorie snack for a delicious 90 calorie yoplait light. ♪ sorry...
8:31 am
about your date, the details of your date. [ female announcer ] just one swap a day helps keep the calories away. yoplait. it is so good. we have breaking developments out of the boston area as the and the center of activity is watertown, massachusetts. that's where our respondent carrcar kerry sanders has been. he's with us by the phone. kerry, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. let me set the scene for you. first of all, the snipers that were positioned here are gone. they had had at one point hitting the deck here. see the traffic light down there.
8:32 am
if you go past the traffic light, we were down beyond there where you can see some of the cars and some of the heavy-duty machinery that is in place. we were down there and sort of jogged up with officers. and i saw what appeared to be, as an officer was crouched behind a car with his weapon drawn, what appeared to be a body on the sidewalk crumpled over wearing a bright turquoise shirt. it was a glimpse because the officers were moving so quickly and of course they were moving back and forth. but that's what appeared to me. they pushed us further back, but the amount of officers that were at that location has now gotten much smaller. we can see here one more state police vehicle leaving the area. so i'm not exactly sure what has happened there because as you know, the information is not
8:33 am
flowing here at the scene. it's mostly observational information. i can tell you it was chaotic, that the officers, pushing people back, that if you understood what was going on, you wouldn't be standing close. in my mind, was of course, did the suspect have a booby trap? so i suspect that's why the officers were moving back because it's sort of an unknown at this point. that sort of sets the scene much calmer. and we've seen incredible moments of energy and activity, and then calming down again. and he's lull these lulls come . i wish i could tell you i had a definitive answer. nobody has told me that the second suspect has been taken down, but what i thought i saw was a body laying on the sidewalk.
8:34 am
>> all right, kerry sanders, talking about a range of scenarios, none of them good, that authorities are trying to grapple with, and information is incomplete. let's turn to don berelli, former agent of the fbi. we've got richard engel here as well. let's talk about that law enforcement situation we see unfolding in watertown and what strikes you about it. >> well, obviously, what the report said about calming down, calm is good. but certainly calm doesn't mean that this thing is over with. i don't know what that means. i mean, obviously there was a containment of a perimeter, and it seems that that's where they believed the subject to be. several scenarios could be unfolding, that either that person's been taken into custody or they've cleared the perimeter. the search continues.
8:35 am
what's key tomorrow is that we still believe there are accomplices, according to reports. so by no means is this area out of the woods in terms of being a dangerous situation. >> that reminds me, there's a cambridge, massachusetts, location where two people we reported were taken into custody this morning. we did not say they were taken under arrest, and there is a distinction. they may be somebody just being interviewed by police in connection to possibly knowing these two men. let's turn to richard engel. richard, you were watching as we saw, the uncle of these two suspects give a little bit of a news conference, answered reporters' questions and there was a lot to learn from what he said. >> i thought there was a lot in it. one, the tone. he was outraged, or at least he was expressing outrage. he was trying to exonerate the
8:36 am
family name and the chechen people. these two losers, as he kept describing them, hated everyone. so he did give the impression that they were dangerous. he didn't want his own family to associate with his brother's children. and he kept talking about how they have nothing to do with islam, nothing to do with chechnya, that this has nothing to do with america, that these were two losers. >> he seemed particularly outraged. he mentioned that they had been living here for a period of ten years under a grant of asylum. i think we've got a portion of that type we can recue. >> i say, dzhokhar, if you're alive, turn yourself in, and ask for forgiveness. >> what was interesting is also what he wouldn't say. he was asked if they had been radicalized or if they'd been radicalized abroad, and he said maybe, but not by my brother. >> he said, if so, someone has
8:37 am
radicalized them, not my brother, the father of these two suspects, who we also learned in this news conference has definitively moved back to russia. >> so he's acknowledging that they may have hated everyone, that he didn't want his own family to associate with. these are all very bad signs, but what he kept saying is this is not representative of the chechnen people and not representative of the larger family. >> to tell our viewers, we are awaiting a news conference from state officials. we could be saying that all morning long. they have said they will address the media, but it is a fluid situation, and understandably they are not able to provide any further information at this time. but if you are just tuning in, catching up on the events, it's been quite a night. the city of boston, the metropolitan area, more than 1 million people are being told to
8:38 am
stay in their homes. the transportation system is suspended because this situation. suspect as large. and authorities work very hard to contain a dangerous system. we're going to take a break. is it wrong to buy an entire outfit
8:39 am
to match your mani-pedi? shop like a fashionista. not if you find something amazing for less than the price of it. save like a maxxinista. designer brands at t.j. prices. t.j.maxx. live pictures of watertown, mass, where there is a live hunt for one of the suspects in the boston marathon. and all morning long, we've learned the identity of the two suspects, and a little bit earlier i spoke with the journalist, robin young, whose nephew was friends with the at large suspect, and i started by asking her what she knows about him. >> my nephew, we realized now, and the funny thing is no one
8:40 am
recognized dzhokhar from the pictures yesterday. but today with the new pictures that came out after the 7-eleven robbery, and this has been wall-to-wall coverage since last night, when the pictures came out, they realized it was him. i can't tell you what a beautiful young man this man was. he was on the wrestling team, he was athlete of the year, he got a cambridge scholarship. people just loved him we had a prom party a few years ago. dozens of kids. he was beautiful in his tuxedo and with his girlfriend. they all got on a trolley. just recently my nephew and he were texting each other about going to a super bowl. no one can believe that it's this young man. this high school, public high school, one of the most diverse. they were so proud of their
8:41 am
diversity. 45 different languages. just across from boston. cambridgians are so proud because of the diversity. and as my nephew said, no one would have ever thought twice about a family who came from chechnya. >> what about his parents? did he live at home? >>. i heard he's come to the country recently, no, no, no he's been here. perhaps his brother, the older suspect who's been killed, the 26-year-old, perhaps he traveled back and forth. but this young man went through the school system here and is just loved. a light, airy, beautiful curly-haired kid. >> and i hate to ask you again, but you're not familiar with who he lived with, what his living arrangements were. >> no. you'd see him at parties, but i did not go to his home. >> robin young, you're learning
8:42 am
this as we are this morning. and it is quite surprising, and i'm sure for someone like you to knew him, a bit shocking. >> yeah, shocking. we're going through prom pictures, and it's going to be tough for these kids. my heart breaks for them. because, just a hard-working neighborhood. as you can hear, very diverse. it's such a blow to them. so my heart's with them right now. >> robin young, who knew dzh dzhokhar tsarnaev. that's the seen in watertown, massachusetts. here's some of the latest closings. this is the commuter rail. all republican transportation suspended. you can imagine what a busy friday would look like in boston.
8:43 am
the streets are just deserted as people are being told by authorities, including the massachusetts governor, the commissioner of police in boston who addressed reporters a little bit earlier this morning, to go ahead and stay indoors if they can. this is quite literally an explosive situation, a volatile situation. authorities are working very hard to not only find this suspect and apprehend him but also make sure that public safety is protected. and so these are the scenes of boston this morning, a city of more than 1 million people that has been in lockdown. i want to bring in nbc's lester holt. lester, good morning again to you. >> yeah, you know, savannah, those who were the awakened by the gunshots, got a call telling them to stay put, stay in place.
8:44 am
in some cases they really can't leave their blocks beyond a few blocks because there's police tape or police blocking varies streets. we're kind of at the edge of the action. this is the first perimeter you'll meet as you go into the center of town. much of what you've been seeing is just kind of a diagonal direction. but the entire region is shut down. it's something you don't see. as we had noted earlier, they shut down the boston transit system. there's no amtrack in and out of boston because of police activity. virtually shutting down any avenues of escape. at least as many as they can think of. we're told if you want to drive out of this town, that could be a problem as well. they want people off the street because what they're doing is so incredibly dangerous, going door-to-door in some cases, working through backyards, and they don't need the direction of
8:45 am
people coming out who might be mistaken for someone. we saw that earlier, a man face-down, guns trained on him. not at all involved in this, but he was in the wrong place at the wrong time. so they don't want to kind of thing as they continue this search. there is a house they've been keeping an eye on. the chopper left, seems to be concentrating on a certain area. we're getting a lot of clues from the posture of police, the comings and goings. what i have noted is this has become a regional response. this is a small suburb of boston, a lot of boston police helping out. but we saw a s.w.a.t. team come in from new hampshire a while ago. many municipalities committing manpower as they create this ring of blue on this community, on the hope or the intelligence that this support number two is
8:46 am
still in watertown. as i said, most residents seem to be heeding the warning, not coming out. stores are closed. i think one store is open. courts are closed, businesses are closed. this is an incredible sight on a friday here in the metropolitan boston area. savannah. >> lester holt in watertown, mass. as we mentioned earlier, there is a no-fly zone in boston. and i'm told that remains true. and you might be wondering as i did how is it that we have that shot. and i've now been told that one news chopper has been permitted to get that shot, and it's sharing it with all news organizations so that the public can continue to be apprised of what's going on. but of course, public safety, keeping everyone in their homes and out of danger. the absolute priority of
8:47 am
authorities protecting the public in boston this morning. we'll be back in a moment.
8:48 am
live shot of watertown, massachusetts, where authorities are engaged in a high-profile and intense man hunt for one of the suspects of the boston marathon, attack a very unfolding situation. and there's one in washington too. we want to get to our white house correspondent who just gave us news that the defense secretary, the cia director and the semiconductor john kerry have now just arrived at the white house? >> that's right, also with president obama. this is the first time that we are seeing the president today at least meet with these top members of his cabinet, undoubtedly going to discuss the situation that is unfolding in boston.
8:49 am
the fact that he is meeting with members of his account really highlights the level to which the white house is concerned and engaged in this situation. as we have been reporting, savannah, president obama was briefed on this situation overnight by his homeland security adviser, lisa monnaco, and he just wrapped up in the situation room. he's been briefed on the situation throughout the week but again, right now he's meeting with members of his cabinet and earlier today met with his national security team. so clearly we are seeing a heightened situation in boston and that is reflective at the white house as well. pennsylvania avenue has been closed off to foot traffic ever since this bombing first happened on monday. it continues to be closed off to foot traffic. the secret service saying that is out of an abundance of caution. but clearly the district of columbia on heightened alert.
8:50 am
>> kristen, thank you. i should add a point of caution, coming from chuck todd who says this meeting was previously scheduled. so what is unclear at the moment is whether they're coming because of boston marathon attack. investigation obviously will be a subject of conversation, but i want to clarify that because it's significant. vladimir putin has sent his condolences as well. so no question around the world they're watching this situation unfold as well.
8:51 am
boston marathon attacks investigation continues. we just heard about the national security meetings taking place at the white house, although it sounds like this was a previously scheduled meeting, although the president did assemble many, many senior members of his national security team and was briefed this morning. and we haven't heard from the president yet today. and i think that speaks to the volatility of the situation. and they don't want to say anything until we know what we're dealing with as well. >> well, the fact that the white house is putting so much attention on this shows this is not just a criminal act. this is increasingly likely that it was not just two brothers who decided to do some bad things. counterterrorism officials say there is a group dynamic here.
8:52 am
what they don't know is how high up it goes. did it go back to an al qaeda affiliate in central asia, or were these people self-motiva self-motivated, who were not succeeding in the community who decided to take up an international cause. what's disturbing about this is it's also sending a message to other would-be terrorists that a relatively small group, two-plus accomplices can shut down an american city. and that is a very disturbing lesson that other militant groups will be watching. >> a disturbing possibility, i'm sure. don berelli, i'm sure woke you up many, many times in the joint task force. >> absolutely. this is one of the situations you hope never happens on your watch when you have these people who have assimilated into the society and for some reason have
8:53 am
gone down this path of violent extremism. and what makes this situation more dangerous is the potential that they could be linked to a larger organization. these organizations have training camps in wazyrastan and other areas. and they can come back into the united states and use those tools against fellow citizens and this is really one of the scariest situations of those of us in the counterterrorism field, which is one of the worst situations we fear. >> talk to us about the investigative path here. one of the first things you told us this morning is they will be looking at those travel records to determine where they've gone in these last few years. >> absolutely. we're going to want to know where they've traveled to, how long did they stay there. did they go for a weekend visit or were they over there for months at a time when they could have attended a training camp. in addition, cell phone records.
8:54 am
we know from the older brother that was killed, what was he carrying on him. what we call pocket litter, a phone number, a receipt for money. i mean, there is going to be so many avenues of investigation. this is not only a criminal investigation that's going to look at the bombing and the murder of the police officer but a huge intelligence investigation. >> no question about it. stand by. are warm, 69 at the coast. hope you have a great, safe day. [ wind howling ]
8:55 am
8:56 am
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8:57 am
authorities are trying to apprehend safely the suspect in the boston marathon attacks, a
8:58 am
man by the name of dzhokhar tsarnaev. his brother was killed this morning in a shootout police. the plan on the right is the subject of what can only be called an unprecedented man hunt taking place in one of the largest and one of the great american cities, and it has virtually paralyzed that city this morning. as public schools are closed. transit is suspended. a no-fly zone over the area, and authorities are trying to grapple with an incredibly dangerous situation. we want to go back to nbc's kerry sanders. he's in watertown. he's got new information for us. kerry, bring us up-to-date. >> okay. savannah, i'm on arsenal, which is the main drag here. as i take you down, there's school street. and just beyond school street is where the officers have kong grated. they've been there for quite some time. at one point we were down there with them. they were running. we jogged along with them. officers got behind cars, some
8:59 am
with shotguns out. they were all facing that direction. as they approached an area, some of the officers turned around, saw quite a herd of reporters coming with them with cameras, and then they started to say back off. i took a defensive position behind a car and i glimpsed down the sidewalk and for a moment i saw what appeared to be a body. i saw what appeared to be a turquoise shirt and just a body that was crumpled over. it may have been something else but that's certainly what it looked like to me in a chaotic moment. if i said purple, i meant turquoise, turquoise shirt. the officers told everybody, back off, back off. and then snipers were in position right here. and then somebody told us to hit the deck. we were down for probably less than a minute but we were down. and then they pushed us all the way back. so the question is, they were
9:00 am
working an area. there's school street, go up five blocks. they were working an area off of school street about five blocks up where it was believed the suspect was holed up. and i was there overnight in the area where the officers were focusing much of their attention. we were eventually asked to leave that area as more s.w.a.t. teams came in because they found two devices. they weren't called bombs. they were called devices, but they were suggesting they could be something explosive in nature and we should probably move out for our safety. so we brought ourselves back down here to the bottom of school street. and that's when things seemed to go in ebbs and flows. there were the authorities from the u.s. military in armored humvees that went in there. and they appeared to be as outfitted as any members of the military as i have seen. to give you an idea, some of them had not just night-vision goggles, but they had the
9:01 am
ability of peripheral night vision. that's the sort of stuff the s.e.a.l.s use. then we had the atf come in. those are the alcohol, firearms and tobacco experts. they came in along with the boston police department bomb squad. they went in, but then it appeared after a period of time they all came out as some state police officers came in. some of these appeared to be s.w.a.t. teams, highly trained officers who seemed to have additional extra gear as they went in. so we went into sort of a quiet period again, savannah, and i was trying to analyze from a distance that what of the people out and just putting in the top tactical teams. flood i flooding the zone, but clearly not wanting to put too many people there so there would be potentially friendly fire. nobody wants to be hurting anybody in this situation when they're all afterone person.
9:02 am
then it sort of calmed down and we saw some of the folks leaving, including many members of the u.s. military, so it didn't look like all of the humvees, but clearly, some of them were pulling out and then you fast forward to the moments i first describeded, us going down the street. so, the question is, have they actually apprehended another suspect and is that person the one that i think i saw on the ground, on the sidewalk, who potentially could be dead. we can't answer those questions. a big, difficult part about reporting this story right now out here is it's all observational on my part along with the producers and crews that i'm with and what we're seeing on camera. there is no official statement from anybody here and that's much the way they've been handling this since the bombing happened. trying to have one voice through the fbi to tell us what's going on. so we're watching unfold, but savannah, i don't know exactly what i can confirm to you. >> fair enough.
9:03 am
we're all kind of in this situation together and i should mention we actually await a briefing from law enforcement officials. they had set it up and talked about it and we have been waiting for it for more than an hour and we will go to it live as soon as it happens, but it has been delayed understandably, so in the meantime, we are trying to piece together more of a profile of these two men, learn what he can about them and we turn now to ash rafel. he went to school with dzhokhar. what can you tell us what you remember about him? >> if you look at any other news channels, people interviewed from my school, whether you know him as well as me or someone you knew better or just saw him in the hallways at the school, he was a quiet guy. he never really did anything to anyone. well liked by everybody. he was a really, really hard worker.
9:04 am
he really worked hard in wrestling. only wrestled for two years and he made it to state. during wrestling, we were taught to be responsible. coach taught us how to be disciplines and teach us how to be just proper, like human beings and individuals and the fact he went and did this, it's just really shocking and surprising. is there like any way that i could send a message to him? >> i don't think that would be appropriate. we're just trying to learn your impressions of him. i know he's a -- was one of your teammates and that you understand it consider it to be a mentor and so, we're glad to get your information, would you consider him to be a good friend? >> yeah, he was a good friend. i met him my sophomore year and i met him through other friends and he just seemed like a chill guy. he was never really outstanding or extremely enthusiastic, but
9:05 am
if you talked to him, he was a real nice guy to talk to. never really did anything wrong. >> thank you so much, i'm sorry to cut you off, but we're covering a lot of breaking developments. it's great to get your perspective. earlier, we heard from the uncle of these two suspects and quite a news conference as he let the world know of his outrage and shock at the allegations against his nephews. take a listen. >> i say if you're alive, turn yourself in. and ask for forgiveness. from the victims, from the injured and from those who left, ask forgiveness from these people. we're not requiring forgiveness in this family. he put a shame, he put a shame
9:06 am
on our family, on the entire ethnicity, so they put that shame on the entire ethnicity so that's what i would say. turn yourself in. >> richard engel is with me. we watched that together and found it to be rather revealing. >> because he talked about how these two nephews, he thought were dangerous, didn't want his own family around them. he said they were filled with hate and had been radicalized, but not by his brother. what counterterrorism officials are looking at, they are looking at one group in particular. a group called the islamic jihad union and they are seeing if these two boy, young men, were in fact linked to this group and if so, how closely? was it just something they were searching on the internet and reading about? did they get military training
9:07 am
from the group? but i know they are looking at this group. it is a group that operates in the afghanistan, pakistan border region. it has been successful in the past at recruiting germans. it wants to recruit people who have clean passports, who live in their own host countries to carry out the kind of attack they carried out in boston. >> not to put you on the spot, let me ask you about the capabilities of this group. it's one thing to recruit, one thing to radicalize or inspire, one thing to fund, execute a sophisticated operation. do they have that capability? >> it's a group that has tried to carry out several attacks in germany. one that has sent suicide bombers to afghanistan to attack u.s. troops. it has come capability. it hasn't been able to recruit and carry out any attacks inside the united states, but it is considered a very dangerous group in germany. the german authorities are very
9:08 am
aware of this group. it is a particularly brutal branch of al-qaeda. we don't know necessarily if that is the group reasonable, but i can tell you for a fact that it is the group that u.s. officials are looking at. >> you just called it a branch of al-qaeda. >> it is a branch of al-qaeda. the same mind set. they have faollowed alongside te haqqani network in pakistan and afghanistan. it is part of the global jihad movement that has been affiliated. >> to be clear, what terrorism officials are saying is that they are looking into this angle, they have not established an affiliation to our knowledge. >> that their behavior is consistent with the operation. >> all right, richard engel, appreciate it as always. we're back with more right after this.
9:09 am
he didn't make these. mm-mmm. ♪ ok. [ male announcer ] new oscar mayer carving board pulled pork, part of the complete line of carving board meats. it's not your everyday food. it's oscar mayer. back with more of our breaking coverage, we want to bring in the former boxing coach of tamerlan. can you just tell us what you know about him and of course, whether you ever would have suspected this kind of behavior. >> my first reaction, i'm flabbergasted by this whole thing. when i knew tamerlan from 2008
9:10 am
to 2010, he was a hard working, athletic boxer type guy. he spoke three languages. he was a musician. he played the piano. he was a very courteous guy and i, if you were to ask me two days before the marathon bombing what i thought of him, he was a real good guy, quiet, i had nothing bad to say about him. i'm shocked by this. >> can you tell me a little be bit more about how long you knew him? any other additional impressions, i'm sure you're racking your brain yourself this morning. >> i am. my first impression, was his style of boxing was a lot different. he had a european style of boxing where he stood up straight legged as opposed to crouching like the american style.
9:11 am
and he was gifted as an athlete. he could do all types of gymnastic stuff in the ring. tumbles and splits and walking on his hands. he was very gifted athletically and was a new england golden glove champ for a couple of years. >> i think you just mentioned he quit the sport of boxing. do you know about the circumstances of that? >> no, i do not. i have lost touch with him. haven't talked to him since 2010. >> and during the period of time that you knew him, did you know him to travel overseas at all? >> no, not at all. >> did you know anything of his family background? who he lived with? >> i met his father. they were very interested in his boxing career. the father and another uncle would come in and watch him spar. he was very respectful young man. and that's what is so mind blowing about this whole situation.
9:12 am
>> did you ever have occasion to meet his younger brother, dzhokhar? >> yes, he was introverted and tamerlan was an extrovert. the young brother was like a puppy dog and he would do some of the gymnastic stuff in the ring, but wouldn't box. he was too young, too small. >> when you saw those fbi surveillance photo, grainy to the rest of us, but perhaps not if you knew these men, did you recognize them right away? >> no, i did not. and i watched them rigorously. maybe for 20 minutes. >> you mean the photos? >> the moving picture of the two of them walking. i could not recognize either one of them and of course, i haven't seen them since 2010 and young men change quickly at that age. >> former boxing coach of the
9:13 am
suspect who died last night, tamerlan, thank you for being with us. our coverage continues. back after the break. picking him up for the first time... hi! they opened a bankamericard cash rewards credit card just in time to open their hearts. that's the enormity of rewarding connections. that's bank of america. the opportunity to swap a higher calorie snack for a delicious 90 calorie yoplait light. ♪ [ female announcer ] just one swap a day helps keep the calories away. yoplait. it is so good. and got this one free. wow! [ tires screech ] buy one 6-inch sub?
9:14 am
[ tires screech ] ...and get another one free? before 9am. all april long. [ male announcer ] subway, eat fresh. we are following breaking developments in the situation in boston. it's unfolding on my blackberry to be candid with you and i believe we have some information from jonathan dienst as well as pete williams about the travel records. pete, i'll go to you in washington. are you with me? >> i am. >> all right, do you have that information? >> well, what i can tell you is that we're trying to understand exactly why the city of boston is under such a rigorous lockdown and what it is exactly that they're looking for. we know that they're looking for some other people who might be associates of these two men who were identified by the fbi as the marathon bombers. we know that they found another device this morning.
9:15 am
the boston police did that, that is, and disabled it, but it certainly seems that maybe there's a different way to think of this. one possible scenario here is that these were not, these other two people were not merely associates who were friends that have suddenly taken a bad turn. but it is possible that perhaps there were more than two people involved in the marathon bombing. and that the right way to think of this is that the two men who were shown their pictures were shown were the two who were initially identified and as authorities work through their investigating, they're putting more and more pieces together and that may be indicating there were more than just two people in that bombing. that is probably going to be the best way to understand this and why there is still a great deal of concern and all this security if those people are still out there and we know the kind of mentality of the two that
9:16 am
encountered police. their attitude toward the safety of other people and that's probably a good deal of the reason for all this concern. >> yes, needless to say a measure of ruthlessness observed and in fact, pete, as you'll recall throughout your reporting this morning, i believe there was one report that at the moment of that gunfight when the survivor, dzhokhar tsarnaev peel off, there was one report he ran over his brother. >> think about this as an additional thing to think about. the man they're trying to find right now, dzhokhar tsarnaev, we are told police had additional video they did not release yesterday. that says a lot about the ruthlessness or callousness of these two. it's one thing to place a bomb and think that maybe later, people will be around it, but the fbi people who have seen
9:17 am
this video say is that dzhokhar tsarnaev, the person with the white hat on your screen who set the bombs at the second site, the one that went off 13 seconds after the first one, that on the video, you see him walk into a crowd, sort of kind of work his way up toward the front of the crowd. you remember that picture everybody's looked at of channel 7 shows a mailbox and a garbage bag or trash bag or something and everyone thought maybe that's where the bomb was. remember the picture that had a spot shadow, that sort of focused everyone's attention on that bag thinking that might have been the bomb. it turns out the bomb was placed just on the other side. that means the bomb is surrounded by people. they're all around hill. he appears to take the backpack off, set it down and works his way out of the crowd and then
9:18 am
the first explosion goes 13 seconds late r r, the second one goes. that's the picture i'm talking about. so the bomb is placed roughly at that spot, but just behind that barrier. right behind those people standing there. right in the middle of that crowd. so that says something about his indifference to the lives of him around him. he's willing to do that. if that's the kind of mentality they're dealing with, that would explain why all this additional concern today if there are other people today who think the same way. >> and we are getting some new information, i alluded to it earlier from john dienst. do we have john there? is he available to us? >> not yet. >> okay, pete, hang with me for a second. i just want to report this because he's found some travel records that demonstrate
9:19 am
tamerlan tsarnaev, the older brother, was in and out of the the country for about sixth months last year. he left new york january 12th, 2012, returned on july 17th, 2012 and according to this report i'm getting from john dienst, he departed for and forgive my pronunciation sharmetyevo, russia. >> right. and what they don't know is what he was doing after he got in russia, into russia, where he went after that. that's something the authorities will be very much looking at. john came up with another interesting piece of information, i think. that he and i were discussing a moment ago and i don't think he'll mind my sharing, which is the man they're trying to find, dzhokhar tsarnaev, became a naturalized citizen. that he was a u.s. citizen. has been one for the past year. became a citizen last year on
9:20 am
9/11. >> wow. well, that -- rather takes your breath away. pete williams, thank you. please continue to report and let us know what you hear. let me turn to richard engel and don from the fbi. richard, i don't know if you could tell what city that was based on my pronunciation, but the six months of travel, massively significant. >> that could be the key to this. and a lot of the witnesses you've been describing also describe a change in personality. you interviewed former classmates, former coaches, they describe the brothers as people who didn't seem to be involved in any suspicious activity and then something changed in the last couple of years. there was that facebook post that one of your, one of the people you interviewed described. that the brothers were fine, then they're posting on facebook that it's immoral to have female teachers at their school indicates a change in
9:21 am
personality and i know when people look at individuals who become radicalized, it can happen fairly quickly and they're going to want to know what he was doing in russia for the last, during that six month period. just a short while ago in 2012 and then did he go to travel, did he go to dangerous areas? if he has family there, it wouldn't be a big leap to assume he did. >> let's get down in this quickly. you alerted us to the travel issue immediately. what do you make of it? >> we can't jump to too many conclusions right now. this picture is still being painted, but when somebody's over there for a length of time, one of the first things you think of, did they have enough time to attend training and being over there for seventh months gives them that window of opportunity. >> the fact we are reporting he was a naturalized american citizen, there's a process involved in that. >> sure, and again, makes him even more of a valuable tool.
9:22 am
if he was being used by some foreign terrorist organization, having that american passport is coveted. >> i've got to imagine there's a background check associated with that. i can't remember all of the details of naturalization process, but it's part of it. >> spending seven months in russia wouldn't disqualify you. >> for someone who has lived in the u.s. for ten years. >> you could be visiting your family. >> a lot to digest this morning. we'll get a commercial in, be back right after this. so go for the food. go for the company. go for the breadsticks. go for dinner tonight, and take home a second entrée. new buy one, take one, just $12.95. go olive garden!
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she gives me snickers peanut butter squared and i eat it. it's snickers with creamy peanut butter, would you like one? let's just keep an open mind. [ groans ] [ male announcer ] if you like peanut butter and chocolate, you'll love peanut butter and snickers. try snickers peanut butter squared. a point of clarification, shahmetyevo is the airport in moscow and i'm sure i haven't done the pronunciation any justice, but close that and tie it into a neat little bow. that is where this suspect had traveled initially and then was
9:24 am
out of the country for about six months. there have been terrible developments here and over the night, mit police officer was killed. he's been identified now. 26-year-old sean colier, killed last night in connection with these two suspects and there is a transit officer, richard donahue, is recovering in a ropt in boston. he was in surgery earlier. more of our breaking coverage of marathon bombing says he's taken a huge step forward. aaron hern of received a special visit. the family released this photo of mrs. obama at his bedside yesterday. the family said aaron had all tubes removed. he's able to sit up and talk.
9:25 am
we wish him a great recovery. we'll a look at weather and traffic right after this break.
9:26 am
welcome back. 9:28. as we take a look at palo alto, 101 southbound calmed down a bit. stall just north of the shot might be holding up traffic. the map shows you backed up heading into mountain view. southbound side connecting to east 237. they closed that connector for the last.5 hour. there's a gouge in the roadway they have to close. chp doesn't know when it will be. northbound slowing past the airport 101, 87 into downtown. christina, we have some sunny weather out there. >> we do. no fog to report on the golden gate bridge. temps warm, 82 on the way to livermore, 76 in fremont, 69 in san francisco. if you want to get outdoors this weekend, going to be a little more comfortable. sunday will be warm up to 87. 77 bayside at the coast, 71. hope you have a wonderful friday.
9:27 am
that's the scene in boston this morning and we've been waiting a news conference from officials about what is going on in this great american city and it's been delayed several times and there's some activity around that shot leading us to believe we may be closer to hearing from some of the authorities. we had expected to hear from, somebody from the state police, the boston police department as well as the watertown pd and we
9:28 am
are going to keep a close eye on that shot and promise to bring you that as it happens and try to get you the late es information. we're joined now by john dienst, one of nbc's investigative reporters. i should mention don from the fbi continues on with us. what have you learned? >> we've learned that one of the suspects, the deceased, the black hatted suspect, the brother, tamerlan, he flew out of new york last year for six month period to russia and it's unclear what he did over that six-month period. we know he has family there, but investigators are very concerned and wonder whether he got any sort of terrorist training during that gap. he left new york on january 12th, 2012. returned july 17th, 2012 and now, they're saying he was involved in this alleged terror plot. >> i'm sure it is something that long period of time being away from the united states of great
9:29 am
int rest to investigators. one of the facts we've learned from the uncle, the father, the young man's father had recently moved back to russia, so we don't know if that was the purpose of the travel. the initial purpose of the travel, the cover for the travel, there's just a lot of unanswered questions this morning. >> and it shows because on these documents, it shows how recently law enforcement learned about these suspects. only today at 6:00 in the morning, did they label this gentleman a person or instrument that may pose a threat to the security of the united states. his brother, the man seen planting that knapsack on video according to the fbi, not until this morning on these travel record, known or suspected terrorist and their associates, plural, unclear if that's just routine language for anyone considered a danger or threat or whether that means he may be tied in with others as pete williams has been reporting all day that there's that concern
9:30 am
that are there others supporting this alleged terror brother combination. >> we've got if news conference now. governor patrick addressing the immedia media and the public. let's listen in. >> testing. is that better? >> you need to do something? >> no. >> good afternoon, everyone. just a couple of points we want to make. myself, the mayor, colonel alban and the chief of the watertown police force, we're not going to be able to take questions, i'm sorry. i know you have many. first of all, i want to, we all want to thank the members of the public who have respected our requests to stay indoors.
9:31 am
we know what an inconvenience it is, but it's been enormously important and helpful to the many, many law enforcement who are trying to do their job and we thank all of you for helping to get that message out. the stay indoor request continues for the time being. that is unchanged. there are continuing developments in the investigation. which we will be able to talk about not now, but later, but it is important that folks remain indoors and not open the door. keep the doors locked and not open the door unless there is a uniformed, identified law enforcement officer on the other side of it requesting to come inside. i think that's all i want to offer. >> thank you, governor. thank you all for being with us today. thank you for your patience. the work that the public safety officials have done, state police, the boston police, the
9:32 am
local, i'm very proud of the work they've done the last several days and also, the -- of the community. people staying home, like the governor said -- [ inaudible ] public safety official to go forward and for the next few hours, continuing to gather information as the public safety's job. our job is to make sure that public safety is as best we can. we'll keep the public informed as we get the information. so be patient. but i'm going to say is the mayor, we are one city -- we're a city that does not let a terrorist win over. we're going to continue to work hard. we're going to get through this. we're a strong city as we move forward.
9:33 am
thank you very much.3 c1 >> yeah. >> good afternoon, folks. my name is timothy alba. i want to thank you for your patience. we said we'd be out here at 10:we're obviously way behind. it's indicative of the leads we continue to run down here and things change. they change quickly. and sometimes, we have to change direction. i want to begin by saying we are progressing through this neighborhood. going door to door, street to street. we're well over 60 or 70% of what we want to cover up there. we do not have any development to tell you in terms of that search up there. there has been no apprehension at this point. the second thing i want to talk
9:34 am
about just briefly is this afternoon, there will be a controlled explosion, if you will, by some of the explosive ordnance folks over in cambridge. that's going to happen on norfolk street at a house that we have secured earlier today. it's done out of an abundance of caution. it's done for the safety of the law enforcement officials that are over there before they proceed with a search of that premesis, so that will be happening this afternoon as well. we're going to continue to be following up in that neighborhood. we've got several new leads that just developed in the last few minutes and we'll be working on that. i will be back here, i hope, within an hour or slightly above that. to give you the next briefing. should we have any development between now and then, i'll be back even sooner, so i want to turn it over to the chief from watertown. >> thank you, colonel. i want to thank the media for
9:35 am
getting the word out. there's been a lot of heroic actions as you'll hear about the next few days, what happened last night and this morning and last couple of days as everybody knows, but i also want to speak to the watertown community. you've done great, you've done everything we've asked, but we need more time. you have to stay in your homes, stay in place. as the colonel said, we still have some work to do, even after we clear the area, there's a major crime scene down there that's going to take some time, but i've been assure d to all te gentlemen behind me that they're not going to leave until the town is safe. so we may go today, tomorrow and into the weekend before we have that whole crime scene under control. but the watertown community has always stood strong and i've asked them to do that this morning and they've done terrific and i want to thank them. >> thank you, folks. >> thank you. >> stand by, guys. >> that was a news conference from massachusetts state
9:36 am
officials including deval patrick, it's long time mayor who you see in a wheelchair. he broke his leg and was in the hospital on monday morning and has been dealing with all of what's been going on in boston this morning and this whole week and they are still continuing to tell the people of boston and the metropolitian area, population of more than 1 million people, to stay indoors and shelter in place. let's turn to pete williams. he's been reporting all morning. >> hold on a second -- >> you with me? >> i am. >> let's check in and just see where we are. >> well, i think that you know, it's understandable what's going on in watertown because they're still trying to find the other person who was depicted in the pictures last night. the other brother, but we've been cautioned here in the last couple of minutes here, the last 45 minutes or so. not to think of them as the two marathon bombers.
9:37 am
suggesting that others were involved and that it's these others that were involved in the marathon bombing they believe who are still out there. and they found another bomb this morning in boston. they found one bomb, i should say, but that's in addition to the two on monday. so, they believe there are some dangerous people out there and you know, we've seen the kind of destruction that they are, they've caused. we've seen the kind of mayhem they've caused here in the past 12 hours or so. so i think that that is an explanation for why this extraordinary security going on in boston. that they now are coming as they search through, they look at the brothers' cell phone records, they look at people they've been hanging out with and i think they're now beginning, a theory is is gelling here that the marathon bombing was the work of more than just two people. >> so, to the extent that people having seen those two photos, those were the photos that the fbi released and may have been
9:38 am
thinking of them as i guess ring leaders for lack of a better term. according to law enforcement officials you're talking to, perhaps a larger group, maybe more individuals involved. >> that's right and remember how the prominence of those pictures, they start with the bombing, they don't know who did it, they ask for pictures and they see the man who is still at large in the white hat. dzhokhar tsarnaev. they see him plant a bomb. he's the one who the initial interest of the fbi was focused. then they noticed in going through additional videos, there's another man also involved. turns out to be his brother. and now we know what's become of the brother. we still don't know what's become of the younger man. but as they've now begun to learn more about what they were up to, it would appear they now believe there's a reason to think others were involved in planning the marathon bombing and they're still out there.
9:39 am
>> a terrifying prospect and one that certainly has authorities in boston working very, very hard and asking the residents of that area to stay indoors, stay put while they try to get a handle on this situation. as we've been telling you this morning, it's almost too much to believe. a major american city essentially in lockdown. the public schools are closed. the transit system is suspended. there has been a no fly zone enacted over the area an lester holt is in watertown where a lot of this took place over the night and is going to bring us up to late. lester, good morning. >> we learned in that news conference there is a methodical nature to this search. we heard 60 to 70% of that work is completed, but we also heard the overall work here could take days. securing the crime scene, dealing with the explosives and also of course, right down to the most important hunt for suspect number two. who is believed here, but again,
9:40 am
they've noted no one has been apprehended. we also heard about the controlled explosions that will take place later in cambridge and that of course is one of the areas that's also under a lockdown. now, it's worth noting we came early this morning and some of the confusion after the shooting, there was a lot of vehicle traffic going back and forth and cars going down wrong ways and the area was not secured to the extent that it was now. but yet they somehow seemed are still operating under the notion that the suspect is still in this area and they are working through the likely areas. that's what's happening right now and you heard them thank the residents of watertown who have heeded the warning to largely stay inside during this process. there has been a huge amount of law enforcement here and military. about a half hour ago, we saw two or three army national guard black hawk helicopters, couple
9:41 am
of them touched down in a field or some sort of landing zone down the road here. they may be used in a capacity of helping transport some equipment for some other agencies. the military does have explosive ordnance teams here as well as police to help secure the area as the s.w.a.t. teams continue to work through it. they claim they are making progress in ruling out some of those areas that they think might be or more likely than not, to be hiding places for the suspects. >> all right, lester holt in watertown, massachusetts. thank you for the update. we'll continue to follow the developments. take a quick break. back after this. icians. the service providers that i've found on angie's list actually have blown me away. join today and find out
9:42 am
why over 1 million members count on angie's list. angie's list -- reviews you can trust. ♪ [ male announcer ] now's the time to spring, get 2 perennials for just $5 at lowe's today. as we cover what is going on in boston, we are trying to get a clearer picture of the suspects that we know of in this case and mentioned again that pete williams is getting some guidance, if you will, from authorities that these two may not be the only ones involved. there may be accomplices or word
9:43 am
to describe it, coconspirators and that is very much a part of the investigation and we will let you know of any major developments. but in the meantime, we want to speak to rose, someone who has said she was a friend of dzhokhar tsarnaev and said they were actually life guards together. rose is on the phone with us this morning. good morning. how are you doing? >> good morning. i've been better. >> what can you tell us about this person that you know? >> well, i can tell you what i remember from high school, which was only two short years ago. dzhokhar and i were very good friends. he was hilarious. he was very kind. he often had a smile on his face. he was a life guard with me. so, already that says a great deal about his desire to care for others and protect other people's lives. and yeah, we got along very well. i spent a lot of my lunch breaks
9:44 am
with him. >> did you keep in touch with him, rose, over these last couple of years and did you notice anything going on with him? >> yeah, so i haven't kept in touch as much as like i probably should have. i think that's the nature of going off to college after high school. when ever i did see him on breaks, he seemed happy. we were still very friendly with one another. it felt like talking to the same old dzhokhar. >> i know as everyone we've talked to who knew him in high school has expressed to us, just surprise at this turn of events, but i ask you to search your memory. is there anything that you remember that now seems significa significant? did he ever indicate feelings or anything that makes you think he would possibly have ill will
9:45 am
towards the united states? >> you know, i've been racking my brain for something, but i can't find any example. i mean, i knew he was from chechnya, but it never came up. in conversation as a point of concern. at all. no, he seemed very integrated in our community. we all loved him and it seems like he loved us, so there's nothing. there's really nothing. >> when you saw those pictures last night, when the fbi released the surveillance photos, did it occur to you? did you recognize him? >> it occurred to me, but i like only for as a fluke. and then i woke up this morning and my world was shattered. i would say. i'm still nauseous and shaky from the news this morning. >> did you know anything of his family life? did he live at home with his
9:46 am
parents? >> so, i was always under the impression that he lived with his brother. and he mentioned his brother a few times, so that's how i knew they lived together, but never was there any mention of his mom or his dad or anything like that. >> well, rose, as we try to understand what's going on here, it's really valuable to get the perspective of somebody who knew this individual and i thank you for taking the time to speak with us this morning. >> thank you very much. >> take care and we'll take a break. more of our coverage live from boston right after this. so potent, you'll feel it 2 full days. nonstop silky. surprisingly weightless. new hydra recharge
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hydration...that lasts. garnier fructis. the strength to shine. one bite... ♪ like no bite you've ever tasted before. it's a whole new way to love mcdonald's. ♪ yeah, you betcha, honey. ahh, you think so? [ female announcer ] some mornings you just can't eat at the table. eggo® wafflers are packed with flavors like brown sugar cinnamon roll, so you don't need syrup. eggo® wafflers. simply delicious™. that is the scene in watertown, massachusetts, the center of an enormous police law enforcement effort to apprehend one of the suspects in the boston marathon attacks.
9:48 am
a young man, 19 years old, dzhokh dzhokhar tsarnaev. we just heard some mention of cambridge this morning in that briefing from law enforcement officials, ron, bring us up to date. >> reporter: yes, savannah, there is an army of police behind me here about two blocks away from the brothers live. there's a home about halfway down the street that's been the focus of attention now all morning. also, a number of cars out in front of the premesis. the authorities said in the briefing they are going to conduct a controlled explosion sometime this afternoon there as they try to secure the premesis before they search it, as they try to learn everything about these brothers. we're not sure who else lived there. perhaps their mother, two sisters that we believe are part of the family as well. but this entire neighborhood behind me, at least a couple of blocks back there, have been evacuated and there are a lot of people standing around looking
9:49 am
and talking to the police and the media, trying to ascertain what they can about the situation. earlier, about an hour ago, we were able to get a peek at what the police are doing. we saw a producer did from a rooftop, s.w.a.t. teams still in the area. the mood or the sense of it was that it was still very tense. they had automatic weapons trained on the buildings in the neighborhood, trying to make sure that it was secure. there was a dog there. a bomb sniffing dog, a robot there as well. there were a number of vehicle, a big, black suv and a silver sedan that had been searched, the contents taken out and put in the streets. luggage, things of that nature. perhaps cars the suspects might have used to get away. we're also not far from the m.i.t. campus where sean collier was shot as suspects were leaving this area trying to escape. then you got a little bit
9:50 am
further and get to watertown, which is where of course the huge police operation is and one suspect was killed and the other is perhaps holed up right now as that man hunt continues. but again, this is the area where the two suspects, the two, the older brother who was killed and the younger one grew up. e people here say they're amazed by what's happened. amazed these two young men are part of the situation. that's the situation here now in cambridge. >> that's a sentiment we are hearing a lot from people who knew the younger brother, the subject of this intensive man hunt in the boston area. pete, bring us up to date. >> i think the best way to describe this after we've been talking to officials around the government here is that there is a concern for the area based on several factors. one is things they don't know. where is the other marathon
9:51 am
bombing suspect that's been identified? could there have been other people that were involved in the marathon bombing? that is a theory. no definitive proof of it. could there be other people that were accomplices? reasons to think so for each scenario, they're not sure. you put all that together and the fact that an additional bomb was found in boston this morning and the desire perhaps not to have large crowds of people gathering, that's why the city of boston looks like 3:00 in the morning on a sunday. that is the first thing. second thing, obviously, we're learning a lot more about these two people that were identified by the fbi. and the whole change of events that got started when these pictures were released and the two decided apparently to make a run for it. third thing to think about is now all the investigative efforts. exploiting the cell phone of the brother who was killed. looking at all the people they've been in touch with and where all of that leads out. link analysis, they call it.
9:52 am
who was talking to who. what were their travels? where had they be going, what had they be saying recently. all that stuff is now aggressively being pursued. >> there are so many different avenues for investigators to pursue, but the primary one now is is an lending the suspect. dzhokhar tsarnaev, 19 years old, involved in a fire fight this morning with police. now, the subject of this huge man hunt. his brother killed in the middle of that gunfight. we're back in a moment. this is "today" on nbc.
9:53 am
the scene in watertown, mass, rapid developments. two suspect, one killed, the other at large. police trying to find him. let's bring in don, your impression! . >> the more we learn, the more dangerous this situation becomes. we started off, it was bad
9:54 am
enough, we had two people with the ability to make and use explosives. now, we have this massive man hunt for the one person that's at large still presumably dangerous. might have explosives on him. and now, as richard engel reported earlier, possible group activity. so, how many more are there? the unknowns make this an extremely dangerous and volatile situation. >> it is that. thank you for your exper
9:55 am
70 straight up in san francisco. weekend on the warm side, particularly on sun, monday into tuesday staying hot. we'll cool off a touch by the middle of next week. lets check on your drive with mike. >> friday lightening up on the bay bridge toll plaza on the east bay, meter lights on but not much longer. they will hold until everybody makes it through oakland, continues to lighten up through palo alto, south 101, east 237, the roadway reopened after they fixed the pavement, better
9:56 am
through mountain view. northbound side slow through san jose. we'll return you back to the "today" show.
9:57 am
this is an nbc news special report. here's brian williams. >> well, good day, as our coverage continues. as it has all night and all morning the confines of boston, the boston metropolitan area, the situation so many people locked inside their home and in a sprawling
9:58 am
area virtually on lockdown. as savannah gut ree has been detailing, they still have a we still have a suspect on the loose. we want to run you ppz part of the comments that we heard within the past hour of timothy alban, the massachusetts state police. >> i think going door to door, street to street, we are well over 60 or 70% of what we want to cover up there there has been no apprehension at this point. >> that's the latest that we know from the commonwealth of massachusetts. it's probably best at this point and we can't do this too often all day because people are always just joining us to go to pete williams. pete -- i'm told we're going to go instead to ron allen who is
9:59 am
in cambridge. ron, cambridge is just one component of all of this. starts in boston, goes through cambridge, ends up in watertown and who knows where it's going to end up at the end of the day. but you have a key component in all of this because it was in cambridge that these two men really tipped their hand. >> reporter: indeed. this is where they are believed to live. their home is two blocks behind me down a street in that direction, the area behind me completely sealed off. the police have been out here all morning half the night trying to secure the premise. we were told that authorities are going to have a controlled explosion of a device they found in that vicinity. we've seen them going through vehicles in the street. they have not entered the premises because they fear it could be booby-trapped and they want to know everything they can
10:00 am
about the two brothers and their families. they are believed to have lived their with their mother and two youngsters. sean collier, the young officer that was fatly wounded in the head last night as suspects were fleeing the authorities. he's described as a young man who always wanted to be a police officer and saw it as a calling. there's mourning in that community as well, the m.i.t. community, the cambridge community. further down the road where you get to watertown where they are going door to door, the authorities said that they have covered about 60 to 70% of the area that they want to cover there. it's possible that the younger brother is holed up somewhere in a residence somewhere, in a business there. we're not clear about exactly what the police are thinking is happening there. but one of the local officials say the process of clearing that area, that crime scene could go on for several days into the weekend. so that's where we are now. this has been going on
10:01 am
throughout the night there was a shoot-out in watertown. at one point we believed the suspects were traveling in a vehicle, carjacked a man, used his credit cards and atm cards to steal some $800 out of his account. there was a time where still there are about a million people in the greatest boston/cambridge area that are involved in this lockdown that has been going on since this morning. an incredible situation here in boston. still unclear exactly what's going on. the police are saying -- the governor, deval patrick came out and said this lockdown, this shelter in place order is still in effect, has not been lifted. speaking to the uncertainty that the authorities have. again, just an incredible night of police activity here in greater boston. >> ron allen where throughout
10:02 am
all that area business has stopped and people are not to answer their doors unless it's law enforcement and a lot of people have no option but to watch live coverage of what is going on in some cases down their street, down their block. i'm told nbc's pete williams is now off the phone and pete, i would like to do a reset with you. this aspect of the story really begins, you and i were on the air approximately 5:30 eastern time. we get the first official imagery and since there's no stopping the web, people do their own deep dive into facts and images. people who find these two familiar have their own theories. around late local news east coast, we start getting reports that there have been a shooting on the campus of m.i.t. by the time a lot of folks went to bed, the first reports were
10:03 am
not connected, we have no reason to believe it's connected, but then this story started to gallop overnight. take us through the twists and turns, if you will. >> right. the interesting thing is that the precipitating event for all of this is not an action by the fbi or the police. they were not about to arrest these two. they were certainly aware of them, whether they had decided the names that they had were in fact the marathon bombers matching up names they had with these faces is a little unclear at this point. but it was not a law enforcement operation that was the spark that led to this situation that we have. instead, these two men at either did or didn't rob a 7-eleven. that's a little unclear now. the poli originally said that. but there's some reason to think that may not have happened. but in any event, they did encounter a campus policeman at m.i.t. and shot him in the head
10:04 am
in his patrol car. then they carjacked a man who was in the cambridge area. they got in the car with him, held him at gunpoint and started to drive another four miles from cambridge to watertown. during the drive, they stopped three times to use the car owner's debit card to try to get some cash. the first time it didn't work because they entered the wrong p.i.n. number and the third time they couldn't get any more money because that exceeded the limb. they stopped at a gas station and let him out of the car but before letting them out, they said, by the way, we just killed a campus policeman in cambridge and we are the boston marathon bombers and then they drove on to watertown. the police are now chasing them and they are throwing explosives, according to police, out of the car window. they get to watertown, the police surround the vehicle. the brother, the older brother gets out.
10:05 am
his name is tamerlan tsarnaev. he gets out. he's wearing explosives strapped to his chest. he's shot several times by police and killed. his brother makes a run for it in the car, in the process driving over his brother who has now been shot and lays dying on the street. he gets away from the police and abandons the car and runs on foot and may or may not have been wounded in that hail of gunfire when the brother got out with the explosives strapped to his chest. i say he may have been wounded because police have found some blood as they have been trying to find him. so that brings us up to date. they have been trying to find the brother, the one that the fbi describes as wearing the white hat, the person who they have video of that they did not release planting the second bomb at the marathon -- near the marathon finish line. so that's brought us up to date. brian, the other thing is, a bomb, another bomb was found
10:06 am
this morning in boston in the charlesgate area of the city. the police found it and disposed of it safely but you have one of the known bombers at large. they are still not sure where he is. you have the possibility -- that's the way it's being described to me now -- the possibility that either they had accomplices or perhaps other people who were aware of what they were doing with the marathon bomb plot who could be at large, and for all those reasons you have this really incredible lockdown of a major american city while police try to get their arms around what is happening and find the one person that they do know was responsible for the marathon bombing. >> pete, what do we know about motivation? what is it that -- to coin a phrase -- weaponized these two guys? >> that's being looked at very thoroughly right now.
10:07 am
what we know, for example, these two brothers came with their family to the u.s. they have been here for a decade. the family sought asylum. the father was a government employee in kyrgyzstan. they are ethnic chechens. they came to the united states in early 2003. and they've been living in the cambridge area ever since. the father recently went back to russia and you talk to friends of theirs who have known them, they describe them as happy people. we've heard this story line so many times and then you start to look at some of their internet postings where they begin to express distaste for some aspects of american culture. we know that at least one of them traveled overseas last year, went to russia and where he was for six months, we don't know. one of the people we talked to this morning described them as having military training. well, certainly the one they are trying to find is far too young for that.
10:08 am
he's only 19 years old. he came to this country ten years ago when he was -- yeah, when he was 9 years old. no military experience before he got here. and we don't believe there's any indication that he served in the american military. so, you know, that's, i think, the big question now. now i guess you could say for the boston marathon bombing, we now know who and still don't know why. >> pete williams, thank you for that reset. we are going to be doing this throughout the day. there are so many components and things that we don't know. lester holt remains on duty in boston and after a wild night he has moved his location over to where the -- basically the shoot-out took place. lester? >> reporter: yeah. we made our way to watertown shortly after that shoot-out ended in the wee hours of the morning. a lot of people found out what was happening in their community
10:09 am
by the sound of gunfire. just that barrage of gunfire, a very intense exchange that went on. there were explosions. others who were a little farther away from that scene got a robo call from city hall saying that there's an emergency. there you hear the sounds of the gunshots. there was a robo call saying that there's an emergency lockdown situation in place. it is here that the active search is on right now for the person identified as the second bomber because after that gunfight he exited in the vehicle that was stolen, floors it, blasts through the police line. at some point he abandons that vehicle. police have been going methodically through neighborhoods with several s.w.a.t. teams from different jurisdictions, even different states that have come to help in this operation. we've seen them on rooftops,
10:10 am
laying across garages, snipers, very, very difficult work moving through these neighborhoods. we're told that process is moving along and they think, in large part, because of the cooperation of the people here in watertown who largely stayed inside their homes. there have been instances where people have been searched on the streets, made to lay down on the streets, their hands in front of them, their feet crossed. police have to treat people that they deem suspicious in a way, assuming the worse until they can clear them and that's made for a few tense moments where we thought maybe, maybe this was it. but they say they do not have that suspect in custody just yet. they are working through those areas that they think might likely be places that he could hide. it's not been talked about but it's always a possibility that this person may have gained entrance to someone's home and that's certainly a worry that authorities have here. they are warning people do not answer your door if only -- only if it's a uniformed police officer you should open your
10:11 am
door. if anybody else comes there, call 911. they don't want to create another problem with a hostage situation here. i would guess most people right now inside watching their local news coverage of this event. this is an interesting town because so many communities in the boston area, i can look over my shoulder and see flags at half-staff. this is like many of the communities in this metropolitan area that have been grieving the loss of the three people who died in monday's bombings, they have been shocked as everyone else and last night suddenly they found themselves in the middle of it all in a place where we could see, could see a dramatic conclusion this to story, brian. >> lester, last night on "nightly news," you were talking from boston about the optics of it all, the swarms of law enforcement that had come in to boston. today there's a figure, we have 9,000 law enforcement personnel, one of the s.w.a.t. teams that was highly visible last night was from cape cod, another from
10:12 am
rhode island and in the last ten years we've seen law enforcement militarized in the way they look because of situations like this one and it's always good to have more good guys than bad. but between electronics and armored vehicles and military camo, watertown has taken on a military look. >> in post-9/11, we've seen a lot of those here today. we saw state police s.w.a.t. from new hampshire, massachusetts, from boston. boston was actually bringing in busloads of its officers here. in the early hours when all of this was going down as we came in here, there was still a amount of confusion and a lot of streets were still opened. they have since created a ring here as they brought in more officers, more police cars. remember, there's three things
10:13 am
going on here. there's an active police investigation trying to get to the bottom of how far this thing extends, if there are accomplices, if there are more bombs out there. there is a threat of a second bomber who they believe is in the neighborhood and then the explosives tossed at police during this chase here. that's been part of the mission to get that secured. we've seen explosive ordinance, both police as well as military teams on the ground here helping in that to make sure this area is rendered safe. there was another bomb disabled in boston today. they want to make sure none other are planted here. they want to make sure none of the places they are searching here might be booby-trapped. they are going to go slow. they know time is of the essence to prevent any more attacks. at the same time, their safety is paramount, any door they need
10:14 am
to open or go in, they have been moving slowly. >> lester holt in what is normally -- and folks with a working knowledge of boston, normally a pretty quiet place, watertown, mass, a suburb of cambridge, with helicopters overhead. we'll be coming back to our live coverage in just a moment. we'll check in with nbc correspondent kerry sanders.
10:15 am
(sir can-a-lot) good day, ma' lady. i am sir can-a-lot, here to save you from another breakfast bore. wake up those eggs with glorious spam! (male announcer) break the monotony. visit we are back. our live coverage continues. we want to check in with correspondent kerry sanders who if you were watching through the night traveled with this story, including arriving in watertown
10:16 am
after -- just after the completion of the gunfight, the three explosions, everyone reported there. and kerry now, a lot of focus on the planned explosion in place. >> reporter: well, i can tell you at this point the intensity that has really dominated most of the early morning hours has evaporated. much of the field force that moved in here has extracted itself from the neighborhood. in fact, there are some officers for the first time taking a break, getting a chance to eat a sandwich and drink some water and of course it's probably a good thing for them to make sure they get a chance to relax for a moment because it's been a very high-strung hours here in watertown. as you said, i started my day over at m.i.t. where the officer had been shot and killed and i was doing a live report there when i couldn't hear because i had my earpieces in for
10:17 am
television but a cameraman said they heard the boom, boom, boom. and so cars were racing out of there, police officers were racing out of there making their way over here to watertown. we cleared a live shot, went over and came in and the gunfire had actually completed but there you hear some of it. and it was an incredibly tense moment. i spoke to witnesses here, some of which who rode up on their bicycles to figure out what was going on. it was so chaotic. listen to it. it was just consistent. shot after shot after shot. after that eventually subsided, we made our way on foot back into the neighborhood where those shots had been fired and the officers were back there and they said they had found two devices on the street. didn't call them bombs but said they were devices and then they brought in one of their armored personnel carriers and built a
10:18 am
blast wall in the event that the devices were bombs and were to blow, at least the armor personnel carrier will take a brunt of, at least a portion of the explosion. that never happened. the officers then -- and it's dark out -- were moving up and down mostly in the streets and the sidewalks sweeping the neighborhoods. it's like four streets there looking to see if they could find anybody because they knew they had one suspect still out in the area. then they brought in some additional s.w.a.t. team folks that had more weapons and they then moved in to positions behind the homes. now, these homes are two story homes, sidewalks, driveways, going most of the first floor as you go up a little bit like half a story to walk in and sort of a prominent sta prominent stairway into a home and then a basement. but there are older homes so
10:19 am
there are roses, foliage, areas that someone could be hiding. the s.w.a.t. team had to move in behind the homes. that's when they asked us to leave and they were very blunt. they said, look, we're in danger. we don't need you here and you certainly don't need to be here. we started extracting ourselves from the location and because we were deep inside, we were actually beyond some later police lines that set themselves up. so as i was coming out, i bumped into a young woman who was sitting there and she started to tell me how she had been a witness and the officers then wanted to know what i was doing there and then we had to leave and move ourselves back here and so, brian, as you know, there's been an intense amount of activity here. the authorities have been in and out with many different teams. and i heard you talking to lester about the various levels of government that are here, including the military s.w.a.t. teams that have been here.
10:20 am
we saw eight armored humvees come through here, followed by another seven. all of them were heavily armed and some of them had the gear that i know sometimes only s.e.a.l.s have. the work that they have done has not led to any arrest. >> kerry sanders, thank you for your work all night. it obviously continues. and by telephone we want to talk now with two people, part of an apartment unit that was absolutely critical in the early reporting of this overnight. some of the very first confirmed details of the cross-fire in the middle of a side street, the fact that at least one device had gone off and a chase had ensued came from andrew, whose roommate christian is on the phone. both gentlemen are able to talk with us. we thank you for the long hours that you've devoted to the coverage of this. christian, can you hear me?
10:21 am
>> yeah, brian, i can hear you. >> so you guys were the first to report that something like another pressure cooker device had gone off. you had rounds fired through your walls into your home. you've reported that cars and houses on your street are shot up and that almost in a ben affleck movie style, this guy drove right out through the street, through what was thought to be ripping car doors off as he went. do you -- did you see one or more of the suspects? did you visually see them? >> i personally -- you know, i got a quick glance of him but the gunfire was just continuous and never experienced anything and once they started throwing the explosives, i saw -- i saw
10:22 am
one of a smaller devices thrown but after a few of those went off, the gunfire continued, i hunkered in to my closet. my roommate andrew, he saw a little bit more of it, including down the street. >> we actually wondered if the live reporting by skype and over to the windows showing us live -- it was sketchy and live via dark of the ordinance robot in the back of the mercedes and unexploded devices. what is happening out there
10:23 am
right now? >> we cordoned off from our street for some time. they moved us around about 6:00, a little bit afterwards a lot of, you know, armed gentlemen came in and moved us down the street. and we got another all clear in the house that we moved back to. so we -- it's a heavy presence around here and they swept houses multiple times, not taking any chances but they had our entire street cordoned off. we could see that they set up floodlights where it looked like a lot of the action happened. >> all right. i'm going to ask you to stick with us. we have to cut away for about a three-minute period and then we'll continue this conversation on the other side.
10:24 am
as we look at these pictures, kerry sanders had it right, if you're familiar with this town. a lot of duplexes, a lot of older frame homes, multiple family dwellings, tight spots, but established family living in this boston suburb that is today under lockdown as our live special reporting continues. good morning to you. it is 10:27 now. i'm marla tellez. we'll get back to that special report on the boston marathon bombings in just a bit. here is what's making headlines in the bay area. investigators near hayward are looking into the a deadly crash involving an alameda county sheriff's deputies patrol car. a man killed and woman taken to
10:25 am
the hospital. the death deputy, a nine-year veteran was not hurt in the crash. a big rig carrying sea food crashed on the side of 101. it happened around 5:30 on the northbound side of bailey avenue. the driver was trapped inside for a little bit but is okay. the crash tied up traffic as the tow truck removed the big rig from the scene. a former livermore high school teacher is likely headed to prison for having a sexual relationship with a student. marie johnson pleaded no contest to nine felony charges. sentencing is scheduled for next month and she faces up to nine years behind bars. prosecutors say johnson, who tut math at grenada high school, had a six-month relationship with a student beginning in late 2010. a teenager boy accused of shooting and killing an off-duty san jose paramedic in oakland will be formally charged as an adult today. prosecutors say 16-year-old burton was the triggerman behind
10:26 am
the killing of 34-year-old quinn boyer. five other teens were also arrested and have been charged in juvenile court in connection with that killing. meteorologist christina loren joins us now with a look at the weekend forecast. a nice one in store for us. >> we do have a good looking weekend. if you want to spend time with family and friends, it won't be too hot. that's when the 90s come into the mix. 82 in today in livermore, 76 in fremont, 70 in san francisco getting into that all important weekend, temperatures are going to be warming up especially on sunday. look at that, 88 degrees. that's your beach day. monday and tuesday the 90s return. cool you off but just a touch for wednesday into thursday. lets check on that drive. hi, mike. >> good morning. things much lighter at the bay bridge toll plaza, still have the metering lights. not much need. just an hour break, then into the city for weekend shenanigans. freeway, slowing here around university but the map shows you not a big deal on the approach through the maze.
10:27 am
thinning out there, not bad for the east bay believe it or not. tri-valley, earlier skplour, crash involving alameda county sheriff still has mission closed right there at cherry but that should reopen around 1:00. that's the south bay. back to you. >> more of the day's stories coming up in 30 minutes. we'll see you then. so we are back as our coverage continues, still an active manhunt going on in and around watertown, mass, after a shoot-out there last night after a police officer killed in cambridge. those who were watching our coverage overnight saw the incredible coverage by skype and by telephone, but effective, nonetheless, of the side street where the shoot-out had taken
10:28 am
place. before we talk with our friends kristian and andrew, here's how it played out on live tv overnight. >> and you posted that photo of the bomb detection robot about an hour ago. is there still a bomb squad on the scene looking for additional explosives? what's the scene like right now? >> yeah. i was just back at the window and about ten minutes ago there still was -- and this window actually leads out to the street. so as i look right now, the bomb -- the bomb squad robot is actually in the passenger door right now in the driver's seat door and inspecting -- >> andrew, would you be able to show us that? would you be able to walk your computer to the window? >> yeah, i'd be happy to. i won't open the window but i'll
10:29 am
walk it here and it's angled right now at the bomb robot. >> it's a robot looking through the air when they had the fire fight with the police and throwing these explosives in, you're saying this robot appears to be looking for more explosives inside that car? and you said that they left things behind. is that correct? >> yeah. they left what looks like two or three backpacks and then bags right next to that sedan and the bomb squad officers have yet to touch that. they have been very, very careful in this area. the bomb squad robot has been there for at least a half hour now going door to door on the car doors inspecting it. and they have yet to look into the backpacks. >> a very heads up calm first person reporting, andrew reporting from telephone.
10:30 am
i'm not sure how much rest you have had but i'm curious, i saw your photos that the rounds came through the wall. were you in the structure when the gunfire was coming in? >> yes, i was in the structure along with my three other roommates in our apartment and that came through during the gunfight which occurred from -- anywhere from 12:45 to a little after 1:00 a.m. and we actually did not notice it until a little time after that occurred. so we didn't realize it initially and it actually went through the westward wall in our building into kristian's bedroom and through his computer chair. >> whatever day on the calendar the round came through should be
10:31 am
either to play that number or consider a lucky day that you are alive right now because that's incredible image there on the wall behind the chair. i don't know if you heard me say, in addition to chiefly being worried about your safety last night, we were worried that the broadcast would be on a delay in case even if they had planned to detonate something in the street, it would have been enough of a concussion to get your attention and perhaps bring in a couple of windows. so i hope that you felt secure at least all night in your -- what looked to be a third floor window. >> yeah. i don't know if i would say i felt secure all night but i was definitely aware of the situation and try to be as cautious as i can while still trying to gain the images and document what was happening. i did stay behind the walls below the windows, just low enough to get my camera -- i was
10:32 am
using my iphone camera to take many of the images and the videos that i took. i was very cautious of that. but in no way did i feel secure. i mean, it was a very tense situation. >> yeah, i'm not guessing you did. because, as you may know, the news media have been going on a preponderance of caution. as i listen to you, you were kind of ahead of what we were willing or able to say. when i heard you say that they set off what you described as looking like a pressure cooker device, based on this lesson we've all received in pressure cookers these past few days, when you described the young man, we could hear the rounds going off. it was kind of apparent and when did you put the math together that you were looking at one
10:33 am
prong of the marathon bombing story? >> you know, that's a lot of different emotions coming across there. initially when i heard about the news -- actually, when i heard about the news of the m.i.t. shooting, that was top of my mind and then i heard the gunfire and that's what i first associated it with. rather than the marathon -- anything related to the marathon, it was more so the m.i.t. shooting and then as, you know, the gunfire escalated and then naturally the explosives were used fairly quickly in the gunfire, that's when i associated that we were dealing with -- there was a lot more danger at foot here and the situation that was in front of us was at another level which i initially didn't think about. >> you're right though, about the m.i.t. shooting. if you were watching late local
10:34 am
news last night from new york to boston, anywhere in the eastern time zone, the m.i.t. shooting came in late in the half hour. it's how our station in new york, wnbc signed off just with the latest they had. then the cable newschannels kind of picked up coverage. your tv stations have gone wall to wall. so it would be understandable if you thought, okay, this is a separate manhunt we've had, a crime scene in the adjacent town, it has perhaps spread across here and not connected it right away with the marathon bombing. >> yeah. absolutely. and it's 20 minutes away from where i live in watertown. so that's still a fair amount of distance and ultimately watertown is a pretty quiet, especially our neighborhood, it is a quiet, quiet town who -- we don't have -- we're in a family
10:35 am
area, quiet streets. and so we don't -- we really don't see much happening or hear much happening in the evenings. so for us -- especially for me hearing in the late evening gunfire, loud noises, and then seeing gunfire, that is something i can't even imagine or i would never imagine out of watertown. it was extremely startling. >> it turns out from "the new york times" to nbc media organizations started discovering, i think first your twitter feed and the photos you were almost casually posting to twitter that were a trove once people got there, opened them and realized what was happening on the street in front of your house. if it had been a movie shoot late at night, you would have had to warned all the residence not to be scared. instead, those were real rounds from real weapons, some of them long-barrel weapons.
10:36 am
>> yeah. yeah. absolutely. you know, it really did feel like a movie and a horrible movie, terrifying situation we were in. and i don't know -- i really don't know what my motivation was to document all of it. i felt it was significant -- a significant moment and probably a historical one and so that's why i started to try to document it over my photographs and videos. but it really did feel like a movie and something that just couldn't have even been reality. it was so, so terrifying. >> the only thing that is disconcerting about finding this remaining suspect, knowing something about your town, is that it is such a town of established homes, so many duplexes, so many multiple
10:37 am
family dwells, lattice work underneath the front porch and nooks where they put the trash cans and with all of the best imagery and dogs and house to house searching, if the suspect is in the general watertown area, it could still take a long time. >> yeah. you're absolutely right. that's one thing that clearly the officers are cautious of and worried about here. we are also very worried about -- this morning we were obviously evacuated out of our apartment on laurel street and we were moved luckily this is a great neighborhood and we moved down the street and found coverage and friendship on oak street, just a block down with neighbors. and even in this house, there are back doors, nooks and crannies but there's a back storm door into the basement of
10:38 am
the house we're in right now and we actually experienced a second evacuation where i'm currently at right now and it was many hours later but the few people that are here now had to go through a second evacuation which was another terrifying experience. >> andrew, can i ask what you do for a lifving? >> yeah. i have my own business and i'm a and we have a consumer product company called on hand. >> well, your calm was equalled only by your precision in your reporting all night and millions of people learned what they learned from this story, this very confusing story. thanks to what we now know is quite literally your calm under fire and i don't know when you're planning on getting a little down time but thank you for being so generous with your time and your reporting skills
10:39 am
from your vantage point in the window in the apartment you've since been escorted out of. andrew kitzenberg has been absolutely invaluable. our thanks to roommate kristian tuinzing. we'll take a break and our coverage will continue right after this. card hassles? introducing chase liquid. the reloadable card that's easy to activate and can be used right away. plus, you can load cash or checks at any chase depositfriendly atm and checks right from your smartphone. get rid of prepaid problems.
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get chase liquid. we're back. our coverage continues and we want to focus now on what is known about these two individuals, one deceased, one we believe still alive. our chief foreign correspondent richard engle here with us in the studio and borelli with us.
10:41 am
richard, beginning with you, you've been collecting all what is known about these two guys, alive and dead, maybe dead and dead, we don't know. what sticks out to you? >> two brothers living in the states for about ten years. in their early years, according to friends and athletic coaches because one was a wrestler, the other a boxer, they were fairly well assimulated, and then changed recently. according to an uncle, he said that they were radicalized. he said that they were people who learned to hate everybody. they didn't socialize well. they were not succeeding in the united states, according to the uncle who gave a very emotional statement to the press as he was trying to clear the family's name. we also know that one of them traveled to russia for about six months last year. and i spoke to u.s. counterterrorism officials and they are looking very closely at that trip.
10:42 am
they want to know what he was doing in russia at the time. and they are looking at terrorist organizations that are linked back caucus and we don't know if they were a member of this organization or just inspired by and i know counterterrorism officials are closely looking at this. and that is a group called the islamic jihad union. it's a dangerous group. it's an al qaeda off-shoot. it draws its motivation from the conflicts that are ongoing and it's based right now close to the afghanistan/pakistan border. it is a group that has actively recruited foreign nationals, particularly germans in the past. it finances its money in turkey.
10:43 am
it's a dangerous organization and officials are looking if that is the group that shut down boston. >> a, i keep thinking about the olympic games getting ready to gather in russia and, b, for folks who could use the primer, what are the caucuses? >> some of the groups became nations and became their own independent and others didn't and they became russian republics and they have some autonomy but not full autonomy. the chechen are one of those groups and kazakhstan is another one of those groups. they have been brutalized by the russian army and it's a lot of
10:44 am
ethnic, religious extremism that has risen up as a result of the ongoing wars. they feel they have been abandoned by the west and anti-everyone and they are now part of the international global jihad movement. there were many splinter groups within the chechen movement, even within the islamic jihad union which is a designated u.s. terrorist organization but it is one of the toughest groups out there and it has been one that has been actively seeking foreign nationals to carry out attacks. >> don borelli, if you had right now could be appointed by the fbi, which vain of the story would you be most interested in pursing? what would you like to know what is going on? >> i agree with richard. i would like to know what happened in that travel that
10:45 am
something takes place where the older brother received some training and this is where our cia counterparts are going to be critical to try to use their sources to figure out when he was off the map for presumably seven months, where did he go and did he receive training. this is important to know. is there some foreign direction or are they acting of their own volition and richard reported about group activity. this is the scary part about this. it's bad enough that there's one left alive with skills to make bombs and murder people but are there other people out there assisting him? this is the situation you do not want to have happen on your watch. >> let's bring in michelle kosinski in london for what she can add to the story. michelle? >> brian, we were hearing some information coming out of russia, actually. in the first case from a headmaster of a school where
10:46 am
these sons once attended. he told us a little bit about the family in these reports that have been coming out. he says that they moved from kyrgyzstan in 2001 and were revere refugees and at times extremely violent separate sentiment. they stayed there from about a year after which the entire family moved to the u.s. and the younger son dzhokhar would have been 8 or 9 years old and today their father was interviewed by the associated press and he's back there and he was in his second year of medical school in the u.s. these are two young men who spent a decade going to american
10:47 am
schools, younger son described as quiet, a regular guy, went to parties, had friends, never heard a bad word about him. the older son liked to box, went to a community college and studied engineering. although at one point in a photo essay that was done on him regarding his boxing, he was quoted as saying that he was very religious and didn't have a single american friend and didn't understand them. on the other hand, you have their social media. if these accounts that have been linked to them are indeed there, you do see them and in some cases internationally on russian media states linked to websites to the chechen cause. the older son tamerlan was referring to jihadist songs and videos and the uncle speaking out strongly against his nephews saying that they have brought
10:48 am
shame on the entire family and the chechen ethnicity as a whole. >> michelle kosinski, thank you. we're joined on the telephone by john kurran, a boxing coach who taught the older brother. john, what can you tell us about where he was in his life when he intersected your life and how would you describe him? >> well, first of all, i was flabbergasted by this whole thing, as you might imagine. i met him in 2008. he boxed in the local golden gloves and then in 2009 he won the new england golden gloves and the right to go to the national golden gloves. i knew him from 2008 to 2010. if you asked me two days before the marathon what kind of guy he was, i would have said he was a very athletic, outgoing, nice
10:49 am
guy, very respectful, just the opposite of what you have -- you paint as a terrorist. this guy was really quite a guy. he spoke three languages and he was an accomplished piano player. he was very athletic and he would bring his young brother to the gym and the brother wouldn't box but he would do all of the exercises and i lost touch with him in 2010. boxing is not for the faint of heart. if you're in it, we've all seen "rocky," you've got to go at it. it looks like he was devoted. how did he -- if i met him on the street corner, to your point two days before the marathon, did he present as kind of an american kid from the area? >> yes. but it was obvious that he had
10:50 am
an accent but he was very enamored in 2008 to 2010 of maybe boston night life, clubs, dancing. this guy could walk 50 feet on his hands. he -- just with boxing gloves on. he would walk around the ring with the boxing gloves on doing a hand stand. he was really put together and a very good boxer. >> and if you -- i know you're not a professional investigator. i am not either. what do you think happened in his life to, as i keep saying, weaponize this kid? >> i cannot possibly think of anything. i never heard him speak ill of anyone. his brother was an introvert. tamerlan was an extrovert. >> wow. and he had the force of will and
10:51 am
inner strength to succeed in a very tough business which at the end of the day calls for you to strap on gloves, get in a ring with someone of equal height, power, and size and -- >> he equated himself quite well. >> that's right. knock each other out. >> john curran, thank you very much. john curran, former boxing coach of what is now one of two suspects deceased older brother with the black baseball cap on the right. it is the white baseball cap, the younger suspect that has been and still remains the focus of such a manhunt. within the last hour, we've been told by the emergency management office in boston that if you are at work in boston and -- by the way, look at the streets in that area.
10:52 am
if you're at work, they would rather you not shelter at work. they would much prefer it if you went home. so those people who are on the job today and did go into work in boston, this is really kind of being treated as almost a snow day. if it weren't for the fact that what has us in this situation, what has these streets so desolate is this manhunt for one of the two so-called marathon bombers. the phrase they are quoted as using to describe themselves last night. and don borelli, that's an interesting part of their psyche. what leads criminals on the run, on the lam to declare to someone they encountered last night? i think it was on the m.i.t. campus, if not at the convenience store, we are the marathon bombers? >> i think it just -- it's a sense of a final act that they
10:53 am
decided that they made up their mind that this was their final act of jihad. they wanted people to know who they are and essentially declaring war. i mean, if they just expired without kind of making that statement, maybe it won't be as effective. we've seen this in the past where it equates to even people want to make a videotape or they will have a final -- kind of their final announcement that this is who we are, this is what we're about. >> so it sounds like you are absolutely convinced that there was a turn at some point in their life and they became messengers for the cause of their homeland? >> it appears that way. and the investigation is going to take a while to unfold and we're going to learn a lot more about the history of these guys and of course the fbi and the cia, they are going to try to piece every minute they can together. but there are some patterns that have commonalities.
10:54 am
for example, they are simulated in schools and sports and then for some reason they fall off the grid. they become loners. i believe the older one wrote, i don't have any friends. these are things that you start to look at early warning signs. there's counter violent extremism that we study and you try to look for these early warning signs to try to find these guys early on. good morning to you. it is 10:57. i'm marla tellez. the mother of the 11-year-old boy wounded in the boston marathon bombing has taken a huge step forward. he received a special visit at the hospital from first lady michelle obama. the hern family released this photo of mrs. obama at hern's bedside at the boston hospital
10:55 am
yesterday. she brought a little replica of bo, the dog for him and his sister. was running the marathon when the bomb went off. the giants say in light of the boston marathon bombing they are ramping up security efforts at the at&t park for the next six home games. fans should arrive early to get through security checks at the security gates. they will search bags and use metal detectors to search fans. those are the same precautions normally used in regular season games. a former high school teacher is likely heading to prison for having a sexual relationship with a student. she pleaded no contest denying charges. sentencing is next month and she faces up to nine years behind bars. johnson who taught math at
10:56 am
grenada high had a six-month relationship with a student beginning in 2010. accused of shooting and killing an off duty paramedic in oakland hills will be formally charged as an adult today. prosecutors say 16-year-old christian burton was the triggerman behind the killing of 34-year-old quinton boyer. five other teens have been arrested and charged in juvenile court in connection with that killing. meteorologist christina loren standing by with a look at our very nice weekend forecast. hey, marla. it's one of those weekends we want to keep your family close and be able to get outdoors with them or stay indoors. 70 now in san jose, 70 livermore. it's going to be hot. as we start out next week a return of the 90. high pressure comes in and drives winds way offshore. we're talking about an early summer preview as we kick off next week. starting sunday a return of the upper 80s and 90s comes into the mix as we head throughout monday and tuesday as well, just about as warm. 2:00 p.m., beautiful beach weather in santa cruz.
10:57 am
that is the give we get when it comes to give-and-take. pretty hot weather inland, if you're looking for cool down the beach is the place to be. 78 in san jose. look at these warmer days just ahead. we'll be at 90 on monday. tuesday and wednesday starting to drop off just a little bit but feeling summer-like just about all day as we head every day next week. back to you, marla. >> thanks. that's a look at local headlines. we return you now to brian williams and the nbc news special report. we have been told a suspect still on the lose. let's go to lester holt. he's in watertown, massachusetts, where they have had less than 24 hours to wrap their head around the fact their town is now the focal point of
10:58 am
news coverage. last night was scene of a gun battle with explosives going off and it continues. >> reporter: if it was any realization they kicked the hornets nest over it was last night. after the suspects killed a police officer at m.i.t. they led police, carjacked a vehicle, and engaged in a ferocious gun battle. not before tossing explosives. the sounds of those explosions are what alerted them to the fact their town was the center. o'all this. it was the first skmunt soon spread to six other suburbs and now entire boston area. the at least the city of boston and its western suburbs. the subpoenas are brothers. one was killed in the shootout.
10:59 am
his brother then got back in the car that he commandeered and drove over the body of his brother. at this hour they suspect he's holed up here. he's just one suspect. there may be others in all this. but he's the one certain ly the had on camera. the white ball cap, suspect number two is how he was identified yesterday when the fbi released those pictures. it's been a very tense day here. we have seen flurries of activity, s.w.a.t. teams, military helicopters, police helicopters. we have seen moments when they look like they struck upon something, guns pointed a the ready but it was another false lead. there are areas they really want to look at. they worked about 60 or 70% of those. as to when they can lift the lockdown, that's a hard question

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